Better Than a Leaf Blower?

The trees are changing colors and leaves are fluttering to the ground. The goats are amazed at their good fortune – a favorite treat, wilted leaves, is appearing miraculously at their hooves. They trot back and forth, watching as the leaves come down and then snarfing them up.

Here is Caper doing a good job of keeping the lawn tidy.

leaf eating

Pip and Caper are much quieter and cuter than a leaf blower. However, leaf blowers don’t do this:

tree eating

Pip likes his salad with green leaves mixed in. Oh well, I suppose it’s back to the lawn guys and their machines.


    • I am right there with you Cottage Comtesse, I have three very mature oak trees and have more leaves then Carter has pills.

      Terry, do you have any kind of nut bearing tree? If so do the goats eat them. I remember growing up our goats munching on acorns.
      I also have a pecan tree but in 16 years have never gotten a pecan. The squirrels beat me to them. The little devils usually eat like half of them and drop the rest to the ground. I call the leftovers, ankle breakers. I can’t tell you how many times I roll an ankle on one of those things.

      • No edible nuts on the property. So far, the goats are ignoring the acorns. It’s like they’re standing in front of a full refrigerator and can choose the chocolate cake and avoid the broccoli…. they have their pick right now.

  1. The same thing is going on here. Every afternoon I let the crew out and they clean up the leaves. Pip and Caper are lovely little goats.

  2. They eat oak leaves, but prefer sugar maple. The leaves come down so heavy here that I’d need a hundred goats in my herd to eat them all. But, it is so cute watching Pip and Caper get the leaves. Rather like kids sticking their tongues out for that first snowflake!