Away on Vacation

Some vacations are a lot of work. A rented cabin in Maine requires packing sheets and food (and me doing the washing and cooking.) Sight-seeing vacations take planning, map-reading, and hustling in and out of hotels. But I just came back from a vacation that was relaxing. We were here.


Now I’m home, and I’m on my third load of laundry, I’m about to shovel out the goats’ stall and I have tomatoes to pick, roast and freeze. Which is fine by me. Bermuda was gorgeous and a true vacation. It was the perfect break. But, it’s always good to come home.


  1. Adorei seu site e suas câmeras. Parabéns é maravilhoso. Moro no Brasil.

  2. I want to go! Take us librarians next time! LOVE the new tweaks to the website! So fun! I am always happy to come home though..Home is where the heart is!

  3. Oh my dear goodness…my jaw dropped!!! What a beautiful photograph. But yes, it’s always nice to come home.