Vintage Rooster Valentine

This was a premium Valentine. It’s flocked. It’s large.What I love is that the rooster has the cheeky insouciance and yet innocence of a 1950s boy. He’s about to burst the buttons on his pants. He’s fun, but he’s trouble. Reminds me a bit of Twiggy.



  1. This card is a reminiscent example of those from my 50s elementary years.
    These premium ones weren’t commonly exchanged in grade school, but
    the sentiments were of the same variety. It was fun to decorate the box that
    they would be collected in for distribution on or near the afternoon closest
    to the 14th. We never had party food the way they have today.

  2. Sometimes my orange tabby cat has that “little boy” look. Sweet and nothing but trouble! Seeing your cards makes me pine for my elementary school days when we all exchanged sweet and corny cards. Thanks!