Vintage Bunny Valentine

I love inexpensive mid-century Valentines. Their cheerful colors, goofy sentiments, silly, innocent optimism and bad puns, make me smile. For the next two weeks, in this run up to Valentine’s Day, I’ll be sharing favorite Valentines from my collection. Of course, they will have a HenCam theme and feature the species of animals that you see here. Let’s start with a rabbit!



  1. Adorable :-)

    I really really want to ad a rabbit to my henhouse… I know where there are a few flemish giants that need to get out of an abusive situation ( in my opinion)…but I’m concerned because i let my chickens come and go from the coop during the day, and that would mean the rabbit would be able to get out too, not a good thing. How do you manage that situation?

    • My chickens can’t free-range because of the hawk situation. So, they get out when I am in the yard to watch them. I keep the rabbit closed up inside then. You could have a separate hutch/run for the rabbits. Adjacent to coop.

  2. I love the vintage things! It was hard to accept that I am vintage, also! I found some of my first Valentines, and couldn’t believe how vintage they were, such a shocker!

  3. Ha ha ha Pat…..Me too! Didn`t we have the best valentines as children? They were all different and fun and we could spend hours choosing just the right one for each school-mate. Our school had a post-office set up in the main hall at our school for the week preceding Valentine`s day. The older kids would sell heart shaped stamps at lunch hour, to put on our valentine cards then we would post them in a giant mail box. On Feb 14th at lunch time the box would be opened and each class was delivered their mail. It was handed out by the teacher and a helper into the anxious hands of us students. Of course there was the happy squeals of the most popular ones, who had mass piles of mail to open and gloat over along with a few tears from the poor souls who were not so lucky. We even were allowed to share candy and other sweets and spent the afternoon reading and re-reading our special treasures and stuffing our faces with goodies. Sweet memories for sure!

    • The little grade school that I attended had us practice writing each name of our classmates in cursive. This was our list that we used to give every classmate a Valentine. I don’t remember anyone feeling left out, because everyone received the same amount. As we got older and chose who we gave Valentines to, I am sure there was heartbreak. Our big deal was making our very own special and unique Valentine box! Some were huge, and some were very extravagant! We delivered them to each one’s mailbox. We always had a big party put on by the PTA mom’s! Ah, those vintage memories…… hey— I do still remember!!!!!!!!

      • Each one’s mailbox was our individual Valentine boxe’s that we had made, and always had a big slit to receive our Valentine’s!

        • You know….I have vague memories of making our own mailboxes one year….. probably in about Grade 4, I think? That was the year I had my favourite teacher(Mrs. Goodlet). And she really was good and kind.

  4. Hi Terry, you had replied to an email I sent you a couple weeks ago. Thank-you! I was in turn trying to buy you a cup of coffee or two but that link on your site doesn’t work. I’m not sure if there’s a round about way to get to that page, but I couldn’t find it. Maybe you can get that fixed… and maybe I can get you one or two cups of coffee. Have a good day. So nice to see that snow falling on the hencam. Beautiful. We have oh… at least 3 – 4 feet of snow in our yard now. It’s sunny and beautiful out.

    • I am so appreciative of everyone who supports what I do by buying me a cup of coffee. HenCam is my work. I really do sit by the computer for long chunks of time, writing these posts and responding to private email questions. I couldn’t put the time or resources into keeping the cams running (very expensive!) without your contributions. Do let me know if that coffee link is broken. It should go straight through to Paypal. Thanks, everyone!