Rainy Day Scooter

I often use Facebook as a place to put up quick picks of the animals that don’t make it onto my blog. This one went up this morning, and it is so ridiculously cute that I didn’t want my regular blog readers, who don’t do FB, to miss it. Because, really, even those of us who don’t consider ourselves little dog people, can’t help but smile at this small dog.



If you are on FaceBook, but don’t yet follow my site, please do. You don’t want to miss another Scooter photograph. Find me here.


  1. Oh Terry thanks for sharing. I am not a Facebooker either. I love this little man and his adorable mug!!

    • I don’t Facebook either, so thank you for sharing this wonderful shot! Scooter’s cute little mug will make the whole week even brighter. Such a cutie!!

  2. This pic really melts my heart. Reminds me of my Darby Doo. Lost her to renal failure Feb. 9 last year. She was 16. Can’t believe its been almost a year. Seems like yesterday. When I see his little face makes me smile. Love to see his life with you and your family. What a perfect life for a pup. Thanks for sharing.

  3. HOORAY! I just received my HENCAM calendars yesterday! Mr. September is so adorable. I love the comments you included with this year’s edition! Thank you Terry!

  4. ADORABLE. As my grandmother would have said: “I could just eat him up”

    Terry I was never a “small” dog person either but my Lulu changed me as well.

  5. Scooter is truly photogenic! Thanks for sharing his story with us on his birthday. I sometimes wondered how a person like you could end up with this kind of dog. He really does have a place in your family that is needed and valued even if he was not what you looked for. He’s a keeper.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing Scooter with us. I don’t do Facebook or any social media so when this little extra comes along I really appreciate it. He’s too adorable. I’m assuming he’s a lap dog?

  7. Oh he is so cute. Though I am sure hating this wet and cold weather like my Luna. Terry does Scooter or any other dog you have ever had, ever refused to go out to potty, unless a certain person takes them ? I have had two know Morgan, and know Luna who won’t go outside to potty unless another person other than the one who got up to take them out gets up and takes them instead.