Vintage Apron #6

It’s the details on this apron that make me happy.

Are these vegetables beets? No matter what they are, I can imagine them singing and dancing in the kitchen.



I want to plant this heart tree in my backyard.



And I’d invite this industrious and cheerful mid-century hen to join my flock!



Those are my favorite details on this apron, but there are more. Does wearing such an apron put happiness into one’s cooking? I like to think so.



  1. Boy oh boy, #6 just screams 1950’s! I have a chicken themed midcentury tablecloth that is similar, but with more of the ubiquitous harvest gold to go with the avocado greens. But I have to choose #1 as my favorite so far: someone had to draw, cut out, applique and embroider those chicks and hen onto that apron, creating a unique piece of whimsey!

  2. Precious apron. I really love the old stuff, too. The new stuff just looks, well, cheesy. I noticed your riding pants underneath. Enjoy!~

  3. Were all of these aprons made by the same person? I have noticed that the waist band on all of them, or at least the last few, was put on with the fabric pattern upside down. Having at one time made almost all of my clothes, I notice little details like that. (My mother who did make all of my clothes would have made me disassemble something like that and do it over. Ditto for the sewing teacher at school. Actually I think the teacher would have been checking the work step by step and caught it before the seam was stitched.)

    • They were collected over several years from different sellers, so what you noticed must be a common mistake! Although, look even closer and you’ll see that the patterns for some go both up and down.

      • … Or it may have been intentional, to allow the wearer to view a portion of the design right side up. Why shouldn’t the cook get some enjoyment out of the apron too? It may even have been a fashion trend at the time. ;-)

  4. Just a thought… Is there a market out there that some keen seamstress needs to tap into?!?
    Love the aprons, Terry! I never cook/bake without one. (Although I agree these are more the hostess type, best worn for greeting and serving one’s guests!)