Vintage Chicken Costume

I think this is a chicken costume.


Then again, there’s no comb on her head. Still, I think she’s a chicken.

A chicken wearing ballet shoes. What role could she be dancing? This snapshot has no history attached to it. So, we’ll just have to imagine.



  1. oh that’s a chicken alright. and she’s the dancer
    is she chicken little? where the sky is falling?
    maybe the little red hen who found a grain of wheat and nobody would help her plant it?
    aren’t there any kids’ stories about happy chickens? she’s obviously a happy chicken
    i give up

  2. There is a charming ballet, La Fille Mal Gardee (The Unchaperoned Daughter), not often performed nowadays, but Boston Ballet has done it. In act one, scene one there is an adorable rooster and hens dance. But I suspect the little girls in the photo is costumed for a student production of the teacher’s own making, very likely along the lines of what Jean and Kara have suggested.

  3. I dunno, I thought she was dressed as a flower or something, those seem more like leaves than like feathers. And yet, there seem to be wattles, and the cap looks like a beak. Maybe this is a prototype for Big Bird!

  4. Reminds me of the “Golden Girls” episode when Betty White played “Chicken Little.” :-)

    • That’s a German postcard, and there are many of those images on the internet of elaborate rooster get-ups. I think that costumes were really serious back then in Europe! My photo is a snapshot of an American girl in a homemade costume, which I find so endearing. (I think she would have been scared of that rooster-man!)

  5. That looks a bit like the flower outfits we had to wear at age five for a dance recital more than sixty years ago). We were supposed to be chrysanthemums, I think. Luckily no one took a photo of us, even though at the time we thought we were gorgeous. We had tap dancing shoes rather than ballet slippers.