Puppy and Rooster

I wonder why these two were posed together. What do you think the story is?

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I do know that under the tutelage of this rooster, that the pup is unlikely to grow up into a chicken chasing dog!


  1. Not sure but the pup looks like he’s ready to make a mad dash outta there! That’s quite the intimidating rooster.

  2. I read somewhere of a homesteader giving in and getting a dog (Pyrenees) to protect her flock from the small predators. She hasn’t lost one since. So, it could be the dog was a guard in addition to a pet. “The farmer” (my nickname for a neighbor) down the road has a bull, cow, mule along with a black dog that is their constant companion. So, I guess dogs are good protectors.

  3. i`ll guess that the lil doggy was just got caught chasing the hens and the Rooster has just put him in his place. He is looking a mite shame-faced after rooster has taught him a valuable lesson about his hens!

  4. I imagine that the barnyard pecking order was being established, and of course, the rooster won….

  5. I noticed the rooster has his spurs cut…..Interesting!

    • I noticed that too. Long legs, standing upright: could he be a fighting cock?

  6. Pup: I am not looking at you Mr. Rooster.
    Mr. Rooster: And you will not look at me Pup!
    Pup: May I go now?
    Mr. Rooster: When I say you may and not until then.

  7. LOL!!! I think Sandy is on the right track! Somebody was close to getting pecked!

  8. Perhaps the rooster was teaching the pup the way of the farm and telling how to protect who from who… who’s friend and who’s foe..

  9. Puppy : While you rooster see whats wrong backstage I will do the autographs.