Friendly Roosters

In the past, before hatcheries sold sexed chicks, everyone had to deal with roosters. Most went into the soup pot, but the nicest, the friendliest, the ones with the larger-than-life personalities, were kept around. I have a collection of vintage photographs of chickens, and have numerous images of people, with huge grins on their faces, holding their favorite roosters.

128A - Version 2

A mean rooster was soon gone, but the gentlemen had good lives and entertained the people who cared for them.


  1. I would like to believe that the puppy and rooster photo was of someone’s favorite pets sitting together, but the roo knew who was #1.

  2. I have four roosters. Two of them are the sweetest animals and have never displayed bad behavior around me, my daughter or my granddaughter. I have saved both of them from life-threatening accidents and I think they repay me with kindness. :)

  3. We used to have a Brahma rooster without a name and if I picked him up he would just sit in my arms without struggling. It’s nice when you have a friendly bird.

    • Oh me too! I had the sweetest Brahma rooster and he was enormous. By the time he was 6 months old, I could barely get my arms around him to pick him up. He loved being held too. It was a good thing he was so good natured, otherwise he would’ve been a feathered nightmare.

      • Those Brahma roosters! A friend of mine had one who passed recently. That rooster would let my friend and her nieces dress him up in clothes, Build A Bear clothes! He truly was a Gentle Giant!

        • I’ve heard that time and again about Brahma roos. Once again, we get back to genetics. I think that only the nice roos should be allowed to breed!

  4. We had a Brahma rooster as part of our Victory Garden flock during WWII. I was little then, but I don’t remember him being anything but nice to have around. My first pet was a bantam hen in that flock, a creamy-yellow with black flecks at the bottom of her ruff. I named her Banana because she was the color of the inside of a banana, with the black spots looking like the seeds! She was so pretty.