Chicken Valentines

I have a collection of vintage chicken (and, of course, goats, too!) Valentines which I’ll be sharing with you during this Valentine week. Here’s the first one. What I love about this is that it was drawn back when everyone was familiar with horses and harnesses. Notice how the feathers of the chick’s chest are pulled in from an unseen strap? That little cart is realistically ready to roll. If an artist were to draw that today, the chick would be fluffy all around, and if, by a miracle, the postman chick were to come to life and step forward, the cart wouldn’t follow. But, this little guy can pull his heart anywhere.

valentine cart


  1. You’re right… he’s pulling a real load!
    It’s a heartfelt Valentine!
    (BTW it’s a happy relief to read that,
    so far, the snow is dry, not overly deep
    etc. Stay snug, and safe.)

  2. The postman chick looks like he’s pulling with all his heart —- the harness strap shapes his feathers into a valentine heart. Love all your postings!