Chicken Christmas Card


Other than printing Merry Christmas in balsam green ink, this doesn’t look at all Christmasy to me. I’m not sure who would send it, or to whom it would be sent, but, who cares when there’s a charming chorus line of hens in love? The A Novo Laugh company sold humorous cards from the 1950s into the 1970s. Does anyone remember “harvest gold” kitchens? This would have looked right at home taped to a refrigerator from that era.


  1. Ah yes I remember harvest gold and that lovely avacado. Funny as tacky as they were I kindve miss how colorful it was. We seem to be bland in our color schemes right now.

  2. Darling and very fitting Christmas Card from the “Hen Mom.” Love the bold, bright colors and the whimsicalness of it. (spell check didn’t like my newly created word but I like it) smiles

  3. We had a gold kitchen….this was in the 70s and we hated that color even then!

    That color is why every appliance I choose is white if possible, black if not!

  4. How bout the copper tone. Everything in our kitchen was copper tone in the early70’s. I also miss it. I love the card.

  5. Great card! I’m going to share it since that’s the new thing to do. Love it!

  6. Cute card but I agree with you that it doesn’t look llike Christmas. Looking forward to the Carlisle Winter Fair and seeing you tomorrow.

  7. This post brought back memories!. Harvest Gold and Avocado Green, the colors of Corelle back in the day! My mom had those colors in the kitchen in the 70’s. When I returned home to Utah in the late 80’s I helped change all walls back to a neutral white, carpet and flooring to earthtone colors throughout the house. When we were looking through the old photos after my mom passed away we had to laugh and cringe! There was a wall hanging of a rooster made with various beans glued on a canvas or piece of wood, beautiful piece of home made art work I’m sure was from a family friend.

  8. Ah yes, the harvest gold, the avocado green…and does anyone remember the decals? Lordy, we put decals on the kitchen cabinets, decals on the kitchen canisters, and decals on the breadbox. If I remember rightly Terry, some of those decals looked a whole lot like those on your Chick cards!

  9. The card company was short on Xmas card ideas, so they recycled a Valentine’s day card! ;-)

    Even if it jars the eye, there is something so cozy about a kitchen that hasn’t been renovated in decades, and has, say, goldenrod paint, goldenrod tile, and colorful appliances. It’s funny how fickle we can be, when it comes to style.

  10. LIVELY card!! I do remember harvest gold and avocado kitchen appliances. glad they’re gone! But I did have pink and black tile in one of the baths in my condo, and I loved it. The other bath in that place was plain & drab. I planned to paint a mural of a Japanese garden on one wall and install mirror tiles on the other so it could have looked stepping into a garden, but I never got as far as the mural.