Vintage Photos of People and their Chickens

A hundred years ago, when agriculture was diverse and smaller scale, poultry was an essential and integral part of almost every farm. Chickens were found not only in the country, but also in village henneries and on city lots. Chickens were usually women’s work, and since the hens often ranged right outside the back porch, they were a part of daily life. Women cared for the flocks, children played with the chickens, and egg money kept families afloat during hard times. I’ve been collecting photographs, diaries and books from this era, and will share it with you here.

"I think you will recognize these two old friends."


  1. You’re so right about chickens being a part of everyday life. Even going back to the late sixties there was a poultry “farm” on Northern Blvd. in Little Neck (NY). My cousin and I would go there and pet the chickens- we did not realize that our favorites also made an encore appearance on the dinner table the same night. But somewhere during the course of my childhood the live chicken stores and backyard flocks quietly faded away.
    Love the picture- the man seems to be brimming with pride.

  2. Love your new blog. My favorite hens are my Americana’s and the California Leghorns, the leghorns will jump up in my lap if I am sitting in the yard. Your info on raising chickens has been such a blessing. Thank you, One of the HNB Bank Hen Cam fans :)