Barred Rock T-Shirt Giveaway!

To celebrate the first week of The Vintage Hen and the revamped HenCam, Crooked Brook is sponsoring a t-shirt giveaway. Eleanor and Edwina would approve of this historical image of Barred Plymouth Rocks, although no doubt they would prefer to see the hen in the foreground!


This t-shirt is a high-quality, preshrunk cotton with a seamless collar and double-needle stitching throughout The image is printed on the front. Crooked Brook t-shirts are printed using Direct to Garment Printing (a digital process) using an eco-friendly, water soluble ink. Crooked Brook makes custom tees with no setup fee or minimum.

All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment on this Vintage Hen Blog and tell me what your favorite breed is. To improve your chance of winning, tell your friends about The Vintage Hen. If you post on FB, or tweet, or post on your blog, come back here and enter again (an entry for each use of social media!) The contest will close on Saturday, June 2 at 9 pm EDT. A winner will be picked using a random number generator. I’ll contact the winner and you’ll have 24 hours to get back to me with a mailing address. I’ll pass your name to Crooked Brook, and they’ll ship to you within 30 days.

The contest is open to residents of the 48 contiguous United States. No PO boxes, please.

Update: This contest is now closed.



  1. My favorite breed would be the White-faced Black Spanish. Purely sentimental reasons.

  2. Hello,

    I love your Hen cam, It’s somewhat addicting. I just got 12 chicks in April and they are now 5 wks old.They are 2 Buff orpingtons, 2 Lt Brahmas 2 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Gold Buuff cross, 2 White leghorns and 2 Barred Plymouth Rock and I have to say the barred rock are the friendliest. They actually jump up on us. This a first for us and I have 2 more to pick up today (2 Aracauna’s) which I am reading may of been a mistake. I hope I can work them into the rest of them. I’m planning on keeping them in a cage inside the coop. I will real bad if something happens to them.

    • I have a FAQ about introducing new birds to a flock. At this young age, if they are the same age, you should be okay. Give them lots of room and a couple of clods of dirt to distract them.

  3. I love bearded Araucanas. We always had them growing up. They can become so tame and wonderful :)

  4. Gosh, a favorite? I guess I like the look of the laced wynadottes the best. What a cool new blog! I love it.

  5. I have four hens,, my favorite breed would be my barred rock, Henrietta. She is so sweet!!! From day one she has been the most friendly chicken :)
    I also have a red sex link
    a white leghorn & an easter egger.

    The t-shirt is awesome Terry!

  6. Terry,

    Hard to decide since I love Edwina and Eleanor so much, but memories from childhood persuade me to say I love a big fat Dominecker hen.

    Love the T shirt, too.


  7. So far my favorite has to be the Delawares, they are such sweeties and very trusting and calm. Perfect for 2 year old to be around.
    Thanks for the contest!

  8. Love watching all your wonderful pets and especially the new vintage hens because growing up in a barrio in the Philippines, we always have silkies which were my dolls that I played with and they were so sweet and gentle because we were too poor for real dolls with 8 brothers and sisters, 4 dogs, a feral cat…presently, I have 2 beloved black sexlink, one red sexlink recently passed away and I cannot seem to get over it :'( am still grieving, I will soon get 2-3 more after my hubby finish building a bigger coop/run/respite for my hens and I to have peaceful loving time <3 I'd like to get a Barred Rock, a red sexlink and a silkie, is a mixture of breeds ok ?

    • Your childhood is so interesting. Silkies can be bullied by the larger hens. Make sure you build in outside roosts, and a cubby area that the little hens can fit, but the big ones can’t get to. Also, silkies need dry homes and warmth in the winter. I wouldn’t get a Barred Rock with the silkies – they can be aggressive and need lots of foraging space. You might want a Delaware, like Christine mentioned, or the Bearded Araucanas that Katie likes.

  9. I forgot to mention that I was born in 1947, grew up in the 50’s in rural Philippines, came here in 1969… I shared on FB and tweeter :))

  10. OMB!!! Everything is so different now but oh so nice and beautiful!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! My flock is Barred Rocks and they rock. I just love them. I have 4 hens and 1 rooster named Barney. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HAVING HENCAM—IT’S AWESOME!!!!

  11. We have nine lovely ladies (hens) . I love them all and it is hard to say which breed is my favorite. It’s like your kids, you love each one equally but for different reasons. Having to choose I would say….Americaunas have to be my favorite chickens. They just have “personality” and I think they are smart. When our “miss americauna” gets out of the chicken yard she comes to us and waits to be put back with her friends. She gives the most beautiful blue eggs too!

  12. I can’t remember having hens when I grew up, but we must have. I do remember having dairy goats as my mother had TB and goats milk was one of the “prescribed medicines” when she returned home from the hospital. My favorite chicken breed would be your Speckled Sussex!

  13. I love Buff Orphingtons! Such a gentle breed, awesome mothers and very hardy for our Maine Winters.

  14. Love the new blog(s) . . . .

    I would have to say that I have two favorite breeds at present. Miss Delaware and Miss Wyandotte (silver laced) but then there is Miss Columbia and Henny Penny . . . it’s difficult to pick a favorite!

  15. Americanas are my favorite because they are sweet little hens and so faithful to lay eggs.

  16. We love all of our girls and guy, Rhode Island Reds and Americana.

  17. Entry number 2 for our FB shares. Funny how I shared from a share and only noticed it upon posting so I shared again. Our girls now want us to share some treats NOW, very impatient.

  18. My favorite breed is the Naked Neck Turken! We have two in our flock along with Barred Rocks, Silver-laced Wyandottes, and Golden Sex-links. Everyone who comes by to see them tink the Turkens are ugly or that there’s something wrong with them, but I love my little weirdos. They always look so silly walking around the field with their noodle necks.

  19. My favorite breed is Buff Orpington! Sweet, calm and luv those fluffy butts!

  20. Our barred rock is my favorite of our little flock–so much personality and the rebel leader of our girls! I really want cochins, though, because none of our girls are particularly friendly.

  21. Boy..that is a tough question…but I would probably say cochins….any color…they are cute, portable, anyone can pick them up and they lay eggs that are just right on a piece of toast!

  22. I like the Speckled Sussex. Speckled Sussex and Barnvelder are at the top of my list. Intelligent chickens!

  23. I supply food, water, selected scraps and dried mealworms to 2 Americaunas, 2 Barred Plymouth Rocks, 1 Black Star, 1 Australorp, 1 Polish Crested, 1 Red Star, 2 Rhode Island Reds and 1 Buff Orpington, (Ms Broody). My fave is the little Crested with the Tina Turner do! Not only cute and sweet but the only one who leaves the scattered booty and ensuing feeding frenzy for just a moment to come toward me as if to say “thanks.”

  24. Love the Speckled Sussex and the classic looking Australorp!

  25. My Barred Rock is my favorite, she’s 14 weeks old and out of the 5 chicks she’s the smartest and friendliest,
    her name is Yasasurp my 2 year old granddaughter named all the chicks, I have no idea where the name came from but it fits!
    By the way this is my first time owning chickens and your blog has been so so helpful.

    Thank you Terry;-)

  26. I love the new sight and the new blog!!
    I have one each barred rock, black sexlink, gold sexlink (2 year olds) and one each buff orph, silver wyanedotte and welsummer (3 month old babies). Chose a favorite, impossible!!

  27. My favorite is the barred rock. Of our five chickens (others are: buff orp, two wyandottes, speckled sussex) she is the only one who has layed through the past two winters.

  28. My favorite is my golden laced wyondotte “Sugar Plum” She’s a steady layer and a excellent mother! i love all my 100+ chicken’s =)

  29. I don’t have chickens yet, so I’m deciding based mostly on looks, and what I’ve read about personalities. At this time I’ll pick Buff Orps, Wyandottes, and Delawares. I think they’re beautiful, and have heard good things about their attitudes. You never know, though. I may change my mind later. ;)

  30. I have eleven different breeds of chickens and I have to say my Barred Rocks are my favorites. They are the most friendly birds in my flock by far. My Speckled Sussex and Salmon Faverolles think I want to eat them but the Barred Rocks don’t mind a cuddle or two. :)

  31. I love my Silver Laced Wyndotte, but they are all great!

  32. My favorite hen at the moment is a Welsummer named Emmy..Have also loved my Dominique and a big Buff Orping ton from several years ago.

    Love the t-shirt!

  33. I’d have to say Buff Orphingtons, I have a year old hen, her name is Bernice, she’s so loving and is just as interested in us as we are her. . We also have a yellow lab, she follows him all over the yard. Very sweet bird.

  34. Hmmmm. Maybe links to places where we could buy things like this might be added to Terry’s website?

  35. It would have to be the Plymouth Barred Rock. I had many different chickens and loved them all but the rooster I had was so feisty. He loved my husband and would let him pick him up but if I came outside he wanted to attack me.
    We think it was because I collected the eggs. He had some personality.

  36. What a great idea:) I have to say that I love our “Houdini” !! She is an Americana that can ALWAYS get out! Lucky for us she also knows how to get back in! We have 14 new chicks now to add to our 3 yr old Houdini. Mostly Barred Rock but I splurged and did get 2 blue cochins which are beautiful! And 2 golden laced wyonettes. Fun!!!

  37. My favorite breed is the silver-laced Wyandotte. Because they look cool and mine had extra (eggstra?) personality.

  38. Drat I don’t think my first comment worked so I am trying again. Also I am switching breeds. I just remembered the Sebright, a hen of the Victorian era, a true bantam and “ornamental” bird, which existed mainly just to look at. Very cool looking.

  39. I love the Silkies! All colors.
    They are so calm and friendly. Even the roosters.

    • Tracy I have a white silkie rooster that I absolutely love but I’m not suppose to have a rooster where I live. Can I bring him to you? What part of the country due you live? I live in the St Louis area. Kay R

  40. So hard to pick a favorite, but I will have to go with a bantam white leghorn because I love Tillie! My boys (ages 8 and 10) and I love your book and laugh every time we read it. We never get tired of seeing the funny places where Tillie has laid her eggs! :)

  41. My favorite may be Icelandics. No, I don’t have them (yet) but hope to. I love that they are a landrace and they can mix and match colors but remain Icelandics.

  42. Since I have never kept chickens, my choice is purely superficial. I remember that beautiful picture of Wendy’s Big Girl that you posted and, if I recall correctly, she was a laced wyandotte.

  43. We have 1 RIR (sadly, we lost our other about a month ago), 2 Buff Orpies, 2 Barred Rocks, and 2 Americaunas. And we are adding to our flock tomorrow with some new baby chicks (giving them to our one broody Buff to raise). Don’t know what kind yet – we’ll have to see what the feed store gets. I love our Buffs, but I think the Americaunas are my favorites – both have such great personalities! When one of our Americaunas (Cupcake) was young (not yet laying), she dislocated or broke a bone in her leg or hip. It took some time, but my daughter patiently nursed her back to health. She is now perfect and a great layer too (and super tame, probably because of all the hands-on care!)

    Love the new website!!!

  44. The Frizzle of course!
    Awww, I miss chickens. We had 14 of them strolling around the yard when I was a kid.

  45. I love golden-laced wyandottes. To me they are the most beautiful of the chicken breeds, and they lay very nicely too!

  46. My favorite is my white silkie rooster (Louie). I’m not suppose to have roosters where I live much less chickens! He would give me away so he is my indoor chicken with his girl friend a brown bantum (Betty). He is a better indoor pet than our parrot we used to have! They get to go out to play in the back yard twice a day when the other girls are in their coop. We have 3 Barred Rocks (Daisy, Petunia & Lilly), 2 Easter Eggers (Nutmeg & Cinnamon) & one black star (Jasmine).

  47. My favorite breed is the Belgian Bearned d’Anver. But my husband’s favorite breed are the Standard Barred Rocks! He raises exhibition style birds and we show mostly in the New England area. Obviously, he would love to have this t-shirt.

  48. My Barred Rocks are great, but I’m going to have to throw my hat in the ring for the good ol’ Black Austrolorps. They’re so mild-mannered and friendly. One of the Austies follows us around the backyard talking to us as we work in the garden. And she likes to jump up on my knee and just sit there.

  49. I’ll enter! My favorite breed are Black Silkies, simply because of how beautiful and odd they are.
    Does posting on my website count as social media?

  50. Ooo, count me in! I love our Silkies, they are such sweet little puffballs. Even our rooster, when he is trying to be tough, is just cute! And my daughter can use them easily for showmanship for 4-H, they are so good natured, they just hang out in her arms.

  51. Oh gosh, favorite breed, probably the Polish. Their looks made me fall in love with chickens and got me interested.

  52. We recently got some Golden Comets to add to the mix. These girls are so much fun! They are up earlier than all the others and out later, too. They are so silly, constantly running around. They also talk back to you if you know “chicken” and let you pet them. And best of all, they are awesome egg layers. Love my chickens!

  53. I love Rhode Island Reds. I had a pet hen many years ago—a sweetheart named Prunella.

  54. My family is new to raising chickens. Only been doing it a year. It was been very fun so far. The little kiddos love them. My 3 year old loves to collect the eggs. All the neighbors know when and how many eggs we collect because she screams with delight when she gets them. She says its her job to walk to the neighbors and deliver the eggs. We have Rhode Island Reds and they are great with the kids.

  55. For a number of years we would order a wide variety of breeds plus 25 meat birds from Murry McMurry every year and enjoyed every one of them. Four years ago we decided to downsize because our property was too big to manage for two seniors but when we listed the property with the realtor, one important rule was put into the sale – the chickens were to kept by the buyer as pets and not as dinner. We actually turned down two offers because we didn’t care for their attitude towards our pets (children). Finally a lovely family with 4 children bought the 10-1/2 acre property and have actually added chickens as ours died off. We can visit them whenever we are in the area and see our pets as long as we want so we couldn’t have worked out a better deal than that. Chickens are the best pets around!!!!

  56. I like Dorkings, I had a beautiful Dorking rooster once. I also like Australorps, Silver Laced Wyandottes and Barred Rock.

  57. My favorite breed of hen is whatever breed my one and only pet chicken was when I was a kid. I’m a city girl and my Mom got my brother and I a little chick one day which grew up to be bright red and my best friend. Her name was Tita and she gave us fresh eggs almost every day. I keep a photo of myself holding her on my backyard slide. *sigh* Now I live in a beach condo and buy eggs at Whole Foods. Wish I had Tita again.

    Love the blog!

  58. My favorite breed of chicken is the Barred Rock!! I don’t have any of these, but I love the colors and I wolud just love to have some! My grandma used to have some, and I just thought that they were beautiful!! :)

  59. I love all my girls but I have a Golden Commet who lays everyday…….no day off since October. She rocks!!! I love your new site and your vintage blog is soo fun! Great job and good luck with the garden tour!

  60. My Favorite breed would have to be the Brahmas ,light or buff , so gentle ,giant ,sweet and colorful to paint any property that gives them the opportunity to do so .Love that barred rock vintage image as well to say the least and your website all good stuff thanks for ride . :)

  61. Crevecouer! I once lived on a ranch here in Texas that raised rare and unusual chickens and ducks as well as larger birds including ostrich, emus and black swans. The Crevecouer was so different and interesting.

  62. Love your hencam! I want one of my own. I have 5 12 week old. 1nh, 2 glwyandotte and 2 ee.. The ee are my favorite so far. Great personality and friendly with everyone. But my new hamp s also friendly. Getting 6 more via mail next week can’t wait as ordered some specialty birds. Among them 2 Belgian d’uccle.