This is the first week of spring.


dogs in snow


Last night I arrived home from an animal training conference where I had met two women who each had moved their horse farms from this northern clime to Florida. Sure, they don’t get snow but they do have alligators in their ponds. I’ll take snow.

Scooter is determined to bound through it to get to his favorite potty area.



The goats don’t like snow. They’d much rather spend their day standing in their stall than walking around in this sticky wet stuff. So, to get them moving a little, and to make their lives a tad more interesting, I use the skeletons of Christmas trees as hay mangers. Pip and Caper deign to tippy-toe through the snow to get to it.

tree manger


The branches make it more difficult to eat quickly. The Goat Boys are up to the challenge.

goat and hay



  1. I’m still looking for the purple flowers you told us to look out for! :)

  2. Snort. Yeah, we’ve had snow two days in a row but not as much as you have. Instead, we also have sheet ice. Woo Hoo! But never fear! By Wednesday we’re supposed to be up near 60 again. *sigh* I have sinus issues that are affected by weather change. So my head feels like it’s as big as a beach ball and will explode any minute (I wish). Come on Mother Nature, make up your mind!

    Sweet Goat Boys! Clever of you to make them work for their food! :D I rarely see them on the cams when there’s snow. I do understand, though, ’cause it’s too cold for me too!

  3. Rather different from last few weeks, did you put your cold weather veg seeds in like you were going too?
    Very pretty scene , but not for the end of March!!!
    Hope the conference went well…:)

  4. I love snow!! We have gotten very little here in the PNW and I miss it….We did have a wonderful snow pack though. I enjoyed your posts last year, our grandbabies and I looked at the hencam every day just to see how much there was. It will soon be a memory and it’s on to warmer and sunnier days:)

  5. I woke up to snow Sunday morning. BOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Its obvious Scooter is annoyed by the “mess”. ;-)