The Rabbit Loves Snow

So far it’s been an easy winter, but this past week we got some snow. It was stunningly gorgeous – the snow was just heavy enough to line every branch.

snow scene


The goats don’t like the feel of it between their cloven hooves, so the boys stayed in their stall munching hay, and the chickens spent their snow days inside of the coop, but the rabbit… she’s been ecstatic.

There’s a Christmas tree in the run. Phoebe has her snow lair there. (Take a close look. The rabbit is in this photo.)

rabbit outside


Rabbits are most active at dawn and dusk. She’d prefer to stay outside at night, but there are too many predators about. We’ve trained Phoebe to come inside her safe barn after dark, where she knows there are banana chips waiting for her. But lately it hasn’t been an easy choice between a favorite treat and a snow den!

rabbit stays put

This is Phoebe clearly saying, Nope, I’m not coming in right now. Come back later. And bring an apple.


  1. Indy has been quite grumpy about our lack of Snow, this season, I think total we have gotten less than 6 inches all winter.

  2. How I love seeing your snow, I miss living in Northern Alberta, lucky Phoebe’s. Our weather for Feb is the same as the last 3 MONTHS, heavy rain and gale force winds I don’t think we are ever going to get a break !! Even when the rain has a respite the Girls will not come out because the wind is so strong, I am so pleased we took the time to build some extra covered areas. ( I know the English are known for moaning about the weather but enough rain already, please )….:)

  3. Phoebe has the most stunning coat. It looks so luxuriously soft and thick. And she’s so beautiful, too!

  4. Phoebe should be having wonderful dreams tonight. I see it’s snowing there again. it wasn’t when I looked in this morning so I don’t know when it started. Phoebe will have a great time tomorrow.
    The snow is one thing I don’t miss!

  5. Great pictures of Phoebe in the snow. My granddaughter, Charlotte, and I continue to enjoy everything about this page. From Charlotte’s perspective (she is 6), Phoebe is the best part. She asks me many questions about Phoebe but I am no rabbit expert. She is every interested in knowing if Phoebe will let you pet her and hold her. I believe she views her as a small dog or cat. I showed her these pictures this morning and her response was keep them coming as Phoebe is the best!

    • We got Phoebe from an animal shelter when she was a few months old and she hadn’t been handled much. The only person who she likes getting petting and attention from is my 18-year old son. He’s always had an affinity for rabbits. There’s something about his body language that they love. She prefers everyone else to keep a respectful distance.