Selfie With Horse

We’ve all taken selfies. Getting a decent photo of yourself is difficult enough; adding a second to the shot complicates things. Why are selfies so popular anyway? There’s no way to get a flattering view when posing shoulder-to-shoulder with a friend while holding the camera at arm’s length – I always struggle to not just get a view up our noses. (Yes, I know that’s why a selfie stick was invented. I refuse to own one.)

Try taking a selfie with a horse.

Horses show affection by leaning their heads on their friends’ shoulders.



Isn’t it infuriating when you want to look attractive, but your friend makes faces?



Some friends hog the camera. (Maybe Tonka was showing off the scrape that Maggie gave him. She is serious about her personal space.)



Sometimes your friend can’t stay still for the photo session.



Oh well.

I think I’ll skip the selfies with horse and make it all about just Tonka. I’m more successful at those.




  1. Hilarious! As I scrolled down each photo made me laugh louder than the one before. I had to show to my husband too. I sometimes take a selfie when my chooks jump on my back or shoulder. It is always pot luck what I get. They are sometimes funny but not as funny as these. Thank you for the chuckle.

  2. He is a beauty! and just the right size for us ladies… My Opie is just 15 hands, we call him my cow pony, but I love the size. I have a question, I’ve discovered a few of my chickens have scaley mites.. wondering if you’ve done a post on treatment?

    • I’ve only had it once here, on an older hen, so I speak from limited experience but here’s what to do- scrub the legs clean with soak and water. Further clean with rubbing alcohol. Slather on vaseline which will kill remaining mites (by suffocation!) Good luck!

      • Hi Karen,
        I’ve found Vicks Vapour Rub surprisingly effective against scaly leg mite (use in the same way as Terry suggests for Vaseline). Liz

        Hi Terry,
        Love the Tonka picture gallery!

  3. I love your expression in the first photo, Terry. Tonka, and caring for him, is clearly a source of real joy for you. And of course, Tonka himself is beautiful in just about every picture taken. One of the things I loved most about owning and working with horses is their intrinsic physical beauty; to me, they are art on the hoof. I had a German Shorthaired Pointer for many years I felt the same way about. To me, she was just magnificent from every angle, even better when in motion, and combined with the velvety soft feel of her coat….well, she delighted all my senses just by being. It never, ever got old. (And my respect for you has increased now that I know you refuse to own a selfie stick.)

  4. Yeah, I don’t get the big deal about selfies either. I’ve taken just one selfie. Last winter my son and I were going to go to the mineral springs to see the waterfall frozen solid. He had to back out at the last minute and I went by myself. I took his walking stick with me, not just to help across the ice but him in absentia (so to speak). I took a picture of me and ‘him’ to post to my blog so he would know I had missed him while I was out there.

    As for you and Tonka, that first photo was perfect. I just wanted to smoosh my face into his soft nose and give him a kiss. Such a sweetie he is. Oh, and you didn’t look half bad either. :D

  5. Brilliant, very very funny, gave me a good chuckle. My phone is so old will not take photo’s, but I hate having mine taken anyway..:)

  6. I still love his “Art Side”. Such a handsome fellow and such a loving owner/mama!!

  7. a real riot and thank you, teri. a suggestion .. . . a selfie with one of your special ‘girls’?

  8. Also laughing out loud at this series. I actually thought for a minute the first one was you snuggled up to a very dark camel, but then I realized it was an entirely new view of Gorgeous Mr. Tonka. Thanks for the laughs.