There’s been a break in the bitter cold weather. That’s not always a good thing. This warm front came with snow and then rain and fog. It does this to trees.


Each branch is outlined with ice.

Branches are encrusted with granular snow, which weights them down.

slush on trees


Spring buds are encased in frozen water.

iced bud

It’s beautiful but dangerous.

I’m headed out to upstate New York today. The roads are currently too slippery to drive on, but the temperatures continue to rise. It should be safe in a couple of hours. Later this week I fly down to Dallas for a training conference. I’m looking forward to talking behavior science with people who work with other species, but I confess to being most excited about getting off of the plane in 80º sunshine. Unfortunately, the weather report for that part of Texas is for rain over the weekend. Oh well, at least it won’t be frozen!

Have a great week, everyone. I’ll be back at my computer next Tuesday.


  1. Lucky you! Be safe today, have fun this weekend, and PLEASE bring some of that sunshine back with you! :)

  2. Have a safe flight and a great time. Hope the Conference goes well. Is Steve holding the fort or do you have a sitter, does the stable look after Tonka for you ?…:)

  3. I think you won’t be rained on in Texas. Our last rain was Jan. 6. And it was 77º yesterday and will stay in that range until next Monday. So you can thaw out down here. Safe travels!

  4. Safe travel, Terry. I hope you’ll share some of what you pick up at the conference!

  5. Have a great break, Terry! I am sure you will enjoy catching up with old friends and fellow animal advocates. :)

  6. Have a great time – I think you deserve a bit of warm sunshine after your COLD Cold weather. Kind regards.

      • Rite in my neck of the Woods…. Troy has great schools! Also try is one of the few cities in the area that allow chickens…