What a Molt

Are you tired of photographs of molting hens in all of their ridiculousness?

Agatha says, Well, we’re tired of it! Don’t, DO NOT look at my sister.



Oh no! Especially not the rear view.

rear view


And what’s with that one white feather, Florence? We’re Speckled Sussex hens. We’re not supposed to have solid white feathers.

white feather


You can try to hide in the pumpkin, but unfortunately, we can still see you.

in pumpkin


I don’t know what you’re going on about, hmmphs Florence.

Florence head


  1. Brilliant !! what a hoot. Do you think she will keep the white feather ?..:)

  2. Not tired at all of pictures of molting hens! Looks like both of your Speckleds will be bald eagles like Etheldred. So cute.

  3. I never get tired of your pictures! The girls do look like they are really grumpy.

  4. It never ceases to amaze me what some chickens looks like during a moult. Once again my little campine `Barbie` named for her perfectly beautiful golden feathers and perky attitude is now the most pathetic example of just how homely and tattered a hen possibly be. She is a small hen to start with and now is `barely` there, poor thing. This year seems to be the hardest moult for most of my hens for whatever reason.

  5. Too cute C: Agatha, you’re beautiful. Florence…I’m sorry, I had to laugh. Wonderful pics Terry! Thanks for posting and bringing a bit of happiness into my busy morning!!

  6. Florence, the white feather has great panache. You wear it well. Definitely ready for your close-up.

  7. Love this post!
    My girls are just seven months old, so are not molting this fall. However, I think my Speckled Sussex, Jane may be Florence’s long lost sister…one white feather on each side! Although far from show SOP, I think she’s pretty special.

  8. Love It!
    Oh I do hope she keeps the white feather-very stylish! :)
    Never tire of chicken pics, keep ’em comin’.

  9. My grandcildren asked if my Plymouth Barred Rock was sick because her skin is showing…..poor things:) It is interesting to the grandbabies when the feathers start coming in….you can almost see them grow!

  10. Nice photos. I just love these ladies. This breed us next on my list. is thus a docile breed?

  11. I love those Sussexs!
    Did agatha always gave a lighter head? My Speckles got more “speckly” this past summer.

  12. Looks like the striking white wing feathers are there to distract from the missing tail.

  13. Poor thing she has no wing feathers, does she have trouble navigating the roosts? I can see her loosing her balance and no counter measure and PLOOP right onto the floor.

    My experience with Sussex is the older they get he more white feathers that appear.

  14. I too never tire of the photos. My flock is similar with some girls going through the moult and hardly looking any different while others look a mess. I love the pumpkin photo. She looks like my Honey (bantam vorwerk) as I know this sounds daft but when they look like this they suddenly look like they have no arms. I hope you know what I mean because obviously I know they have wings not arms but they give the impression that they could just topple over.

    My bantam ancona has just come through the moult with more (or bigger) white spots too. Apparently this will happen on each moult and older birds will have more white. I think it’s interesting seeing the changes and often they seem to get prettier.

    This post did make me smile, sorry girls!