My Most Read Post

While I’m in Verona, Italy (!) I’ll be sharing some of my most popular posts. The one that has had by far the most views is the FAQ, What To Feed Your Chickens.

chicken feeder

Since January of this year it has been viewed 157,000 times. I take my responsibility for providing the most sensible, accurate and current information available seriously. I’ve recently rewritten this piece, so take a look if you haven’t read it for awhile.

feeding watermelon



  1. I recently found your blog and am working my way through it for all your gems of chicken keeping wisdom (and other goodies). In response to your suggestion about feeding pellets rather than other forms of basic food, I switched to organic layer pellets instead of a mixed grain complete feed, (which my two hens loved, but also which they left in their feeder all the ground up supplement part which contained the nutrients that balanced the grain content) It took them almost a week to be willing to eat the pellet feed, but I feel more confident now that they are getting a balanced diet. I still give them a small handful of the grain feed (Scratch n Peck layer mix), and they are in a large pen, and get weeds and kitchen veg leftovers like red pepper insides and things, so they are happy young hens that have just started laying eggs.