In the Pond

The water feature in my backyard has two areas. There’s the “pond” where the fish live, which is about three feet at its deepest point. That’s the home of the Beast and her minions. On the backside of the big rock is gravel, also three feet deep. The water is pumped through these rocks; it mimics a natural filtration system. That’s one reason why the pond water is so clear. Another reason is that the fish eat algae.




Water celery also helps to filter the pond. But, too much of it is detrimental. As the roots form thick masses, detritus collects. The goats help to keep down the growth.

goats in water celery



They are enthusiastic workers.

pip in water celery



But even two goats aren’t a match for water celery. Full, they head back to the barn to chew their cuds.

full goats



That’s okay with the other creatures that live in the shallows.

three frogs


  1. Ohh – look at the froggies! Is Mr. Toad still hanging around your front porch Terry? And it does look like Pip and Caper were in the goat equivalent of an ice cream parlor. Such pretty photographs. Thank you.

  2. That last picture is gorgeous! The colors! You should send it in to a nature magazine.

  3. Wonderful pic’s, such large tummy’s on the contented Boys. Do you have to top up the pond in your hot weather due to evaporation, we have to do ours and our temp’s are not as hot ??

  4. We`ve been missing our two resident frogs in our pond since May. My sister happened upon the gruesome sight of one of them being swallowed by a garden snake. We assume the other one met the same fate. But they were busy earlier this spring and we have tadpoles that have been a joy to watch developing. They are almost full-fledged frogs now and hopefully at least a couple will be calling our pond home and croaking(with their voices), up a storm.
    Picture #3 is too funny…..Animal smiles are so contagious. :)

  5. I love the frog picture!
    I also love how you called the little goldfish “The Beasts Minions”, makes me think of despicable me.

  6. I haven’t seen HenCam since April, the website looks great!

    I love articles about the Beast and her minions, not to mention frogs and toads, which are very underated.

    When I first read about how the pond uses water celery to keep the water clear, I had to look it up. There are two plants commonly called water celery, one which grows completely submerged, and one that grows along shores and damp places. This second “water celery” is supposed to be edible- for humans I mean, not just for goats!

  7. Enjoyed this very much. Goats can be so helpful but I am sure then can be pesky at times. Your goats are so cute. Great pictures.

  8. We have two frogs that live in our small garden pond, or had! Last week one of my Homberg hens walked past me with half a frog hanging out of her mouth!

  9. Pip & Caper look like they are not sure if they will make it back to their barn!!