A Use For Those Zuccs

It’s that time of year. Blink and you have zucchini that could be used as little league baseball bats. My neighbor spent a week at the beach. He wasn’t worried about what to do with the massive zucchinis when he returned from vacation – he knew who’d appreciate them. Yesterday, on my front porch, I found a paper bag filled with summer squash.

I like to feed treats to the hens that take them time to work on. I like them to have to eyeball novel things. This keeps them busy and engaged, and it’s far healthier for the chickens than gorging on easy-to-eat tidbits.

The tough-skinned zucchini were perfect.

Owly contemplated how to begin.




Even Twiggy, now integrated into the flock of Gems, skitted around to see.




Onyx, in a terrible state of molt, stayed on the end of the line, but she still was able to peck away.

lineup at zucc



When everyone else is tired of the excess of late-summer zucchinis, my girls say Bring them on!

a crowd


Are your hens helping you to cope with the harvest? Using up vegetables that no one else wants? Leave a comment!


  1. I just gave my girls a zucchini this morning! :) I am sure it was all gobbled up before I was half way to work. They also love the “too ripe” grape tomatoes that have fallen off the vine.

  2. actually scooped up some wild grapes for them this morning, my grapes have not fruited yet. they gobbled them up

  3. Mine will take zucchini and yellow squash. There are a few late ears of corn left on the stalks that are wormy, I toss in one or two every other day or so. Mine are young so its always a game of chase when they finally find a juicy corn worm, good exercise I suppose (and entertainment for me).

  4. My zucchini plants didn’t make it this season: They succumbed to some sort of leaf mold, so I only got a few early on before the plants died off.
    My grapes are ripe, though, and there are lots this year, so the girls are enjoying some of them. Also, they get any tomatoes that got too ripe for my taste before I harvested them. They also get any cucumbers that managed to stay hidden until they reached mutant size. I planted nasturtium too close together in some spots this year, so I have thinned them out and tossing the plants I pulled into the run.
    I’m hoping to save some of the winter squash for them to peck at during the cold months, but may put one or two of them in the run before then.

    • I used to plant nasturtiums but for some reason on my property they attract aphids – the only plant that does that here.

  5. I tried growing pumpkins and butternut squash for my girls this year, but with the terrible weather we have had they have failed miserably. Twiggy’s looking well again, Maggie seems off today will monitor her over weekend.
    I have just baked 6 off your plate pies to go with other goodies, I have 22 for lunch tomorrow and as usual its going to rain !!!

  6. Just been watching you replace the logs. Pip and Caper like them and their treats, but the Ladies are enjoying the bugs you unearthed..:)

  7. No zucchini, but just recently they got scraps from a cantaloupe. Not real interested, but Princess Peach, our resident fruit ninja thought it was great.

  8. I really enjoyed watching the Gems and other hens devouring our giant zucs today! Much more rewarding than throwing them into the composters !

  9. Ha ha! When I got on a few minutes back, there was a bunny cavorting in front of the camera. Someone doesn’t want to go to bed! :D

  10. My garden is right over the fence from the chicken-duck yard, so when I go out to the garden to work, the chickens and ducks spread out like baseball players and wait . . . and wait . . . and before long, all the older veggies come flying over the fence, and they run around like baseball players trying to catch a fly ball; “I got it! I got it!” Ha ha, almost as good as hen grape rugby.

    Always love reading your blog, Terry. I check it every morning right before I head out to feed, milk, and collect eggs. :)

  11. Mutant cucumbers that were hiding in the vines and a few monster patty pan squash

  12. Mine get pipinola (chayote squash) every morning this time of year. I have to chop them in half Or the lazy things won’t eat them.

  13. My hens will not touch zucc. even if I slice it they turn up their little beaks.

    they love the wormy or bottom rot ripe tomatoes.