A Broken GoatCam

The cams that we use here at HenCam are outdoor security cameras. They are built to withstand graffiti and bad weather. They are no match for goats and other things found near the ground in barns. The GoatCam has not been functioning up to par, and has recently been off more than on. The cam is designed to be mounted on a metal pole in the city, not near stall bedding, and it certainly isn’t rated for use as a goat scratching post. Recently, ants have moved in. Yes, inside of the cam. Yuck! It’s time to retire this piece of equipment. (Read this FAQ to learn more about how the cams work.)

ants in cam


Steve and I decided not to replace it. Now that it’s summer, the goats are usually out of view in the back meadow.

goats in pasture


There’s delicious growing things to eat out there, although in this case it’s true that the grass is greener on the other side.

greener grass


It’s a lovely day to be out in the sun with food at one’s feet.



You’ll still be able to get glimpses of the goats via the main HenCam. And I’ll be sure to post photos of the boys.



Instead of replacing the GoatCam, we’ll be adding a cam to the outside pen of the Big Barn. We’ll also be adding sound to the inside cam. Finally, you’ll be able to hear the nighttime hen lullaby!

Keeping this site up and running is expensive. Hosting fees for the cams cost several thousand dollars a year. The cost of each cam is in the hundreds. As always, I appreciate your support. Starting your Amazon shopping by clicking through the icon on this site, and buying me a “cup of coffee” helps us to keep the cams up and running. Many thanks!


  1. Alas, no more starting the day with the aft view of a goat!

      • Good Idea, give them some privacy to plan shenanigans.

  2. what I’ve been looking for is a cd with chicken and GOAT sounds. looking for memories of my childhood.

  3. Snorts…I wonder what the company that makes the security cameras you use would think of their product made to stand so much coming apart because of two small goats using it as a scratching post.

  4. Sad to see it go, but they are often to be seen on Hencam. I love the idea of the outside Barncam, it will be great to watch the Gems and to have a sound cam as well, BRILLIANT!!! :)

    • I second that about the new hen camera. I like watching the outside scene. I won’t miss the goat cam so much (lingering close-ups of hairy bodies are fun for only so long!) if you promise to take lots of photos of the boys!

  5. I’ll miss the goat cam for the view to the Little Barn’s compost pile but I love the idea of being able to watch the Gems outside. I am excited about hearing them. Egg-cellent idea! I bet all of the school children that watch your cams will enjoy that feature.

  6. I’ll be doing a lot of goat viewing while the camera still works. The goat boys are adorable any which way they show up. <3

  7. Pip and Caper are gorgeous – as always. Having audio on the HenCam will be “the icing on the cake”.

  8. I had problems with the ants committing suicide on the points of the pressure switch in our well house. It happened 3? times one summer, and has not reoccurred.