Scooter’s Schedule

I thought that you might like to see what Scooter does all day.

Steve and I get up at 6:30 am, at which time we get Scooter to go outside to do his business. After that, the little dog jumps onto the warm bed. He stays there awhile.

7 am


Eventually he joins Lily and I in my office. He claims the softest place and goes back to sleep.

in office


Sometimes he helps Lily with her work.

2 at work


But, that’s so exhausting that he goes onto the couch in the living room where his nap isn’t interrupted.



Then it’s time to follow the sun. From here:



To here:



Of course, there are potty breaks, kibble to eat, a walk on a leash up the street with Lily, and now that it’s warm out, there might be another nap outside. All of that leads to the best part of the day – bedtime! – on his very own chair, with his very own blanket, in the bedroom. Sweet dreams, Scooter.



PS Scooter does play. See this video of him having the zoomies with Lily. The video is already four years old, but the dynamic and enthusiasm hasn’t changed at all. Maybe it’s all of that napping that keeps him young?


  1. My OH wants to come back as a Scooter in his next life. Scooter really is so CUTE…….Lily has the patient of a saint the video shows what she has to put up with, at times it looks like Scooter is trying to gnaw a bone!! Poor Lily she really is a wonderful dog. :)

  2. This post will keep me chuckling all day. Thank you!! Scooter is too cute and Lily is so sensible…I just love the chemistry those two have. I love all the cozy blankies and pillows around the house for the pooches comfort. Such a happy home! :)

  3. Hate to say this, but Scooter has a bit of cat in him. And my cat who has a bit of dog in him, wants to play fetch right NOW……

  4. :D What a wonderful video! A nice smile and a chuckle to start my day. I have that chasing back in my life again. Only it’s a fast growing puppy annoying cats! It’s amazing how you get used to having a certain level of ‘action’ – and naps :) – and miss it when it’s gone.

  5. I love Scooter. Not only does he look cute, he has the right idea with all that napping. Plus the Queen Anne legs…..

  6. Are you sure Scooter isn’t really a cat in “dog’s clothing”? He and Lily are both so cute. Wish I could curl up next to Scooter for a nap right now!

  7. Scooter truly has the life that I believe every dog dreams about. Enjoying the sun, the chickens and his mommy who could ask for more.

  8. Funny little fellow! I too have a sun seeking dog.

  9. Never saw a picture of a dog looking more comfortable and cozy than Scooter napping…napping anywhere. Somehow, he makes curling up in a ball on a soft blanket look like bliss. (Yawn…). The video is adorable, with all the snorting and rolling. Best shot is Lily looking at the camera, calmly picking up one foot after the other to escape sharp teeth, “See what I have to deal with?” she says.

  10. Your dogs are adorable, but I must admit to commenting here under false pretenses… I had a question about your”crustless quiche” recipe and saw no where to comment there…its more a curiosity than anything… What are the main differences between a crustless quiche, and a fritata? At first I looked at it and thought “that’s a fritata, I’ll just let her know… Then I saw your credentials and figured I must be missing some crucial difference cause I’m just a mom Cook and avid good eats watcher and you are a pro, so here we are ;). Thanks!! I’m REALLY enjoying your blog so far. Just discovered you today. Keep up the good work!

    • I’m glad that you found me. I usually keep the comments on topic with the blog post. If you have a question, you can hit the “contact” button on the bottom right of my web page – takes you right to my email. But, I’ll answer this one:)
      A quiche has more dairy, and should have a softer mouth feel – silkier and richer. A frittata is denser and eggier. The frittata never has a crust. The quiche usually does. A classic quiche can have a few add-ins, but the bulk should be mostly the custard. The frittata can be thick with vegetables and meats. My cookbook has versions of both. I don’t have a favorite – depends on my mood and what’s in the garden!