Chick Care FAQ

Over the years, I’ve written a multitude of posts about chick care, and it’s all available through the search button, but finding the information that you need when you have those chicks peeping in the box has been difficult. So, I’ve put the most essential advice into a FAQ.

While writing Chick Care, I had to sort through old posts and photographs. What fun! Here is Veronica, giving me her exactly same gaze as she does today. Those personalities are obvious from the get-go if you look for them!



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  1. As I’ve said before I get great delight and a lot of information from reading your old posts and I started from the beginning in 2008, it’s a great way to spend time and more fun than a book :)
    How are you getting on with planting your veg, you’ve had some great weather ?

  2. Hi Terry, do you know of a good source if information for how to raise chicks from fertilized eggs and a broody hen? Thanks!