Phoebe’s Perspective

While the rest of us are grousing and hmmmphing and stomping our booted feet, there is one animal here at Little Pond Farm who is embracing this extreme winter. Why, she’s kicking up her heels in glee. Her attitude shows the rest of us how it can be done. For a moment, let’s see the snowy landscape from Phoebe’s perspective.

She is, literally, three feet higher than usual. It’s a new view. New views are good.

coop in snow



The snow is delicious. It’s good to have something novel to taste.

rabbit play



Tunnels are dug. It’s good to be industrious.

snow tunnel



It’s especially good to be the Queen of the Mountain.

Phoebe up high



More snow is predicted for Sunday night. Phoebe can’t wait to see how high she can get.

rabbit in snow


  1. Adventurous Phoebe’s. Did not realize she was getting up on top of snow, she must feel top of the world !!

  2. Same here, I never had a clue that she was climbing to the top of the mountain! Thanks Terry for these pictures….awesome!

  3. So that is where she has been hiding out. I noticed she had not been in the barn with the girls as often and now I know where she has been.

  4. My 3 year old and I have taken to checking the cams every morning as a treat before she goes to preschool, and she was absolutely delighted by this post about Phoebe. We were wondering what she was getting up to! (Pun intended.)

    • Unfortunately, the weight of the snow has ripped the netting. It will need to be replaced this springtime. In the meanwhile, rest assured we are keeping a close eye on Phoebe. Rabbits love to squeeze through small holes and investigate new places, and we don’t want her getting out! If we have to lower her mountain, we will.

      • I was going to comment where did you buy that netting. I looks like it has held up very well though.

        • Toprite brand heavy weight poultry netting. We bought it years ago from Cutler Supply. Yes it has held up quite well. It will catch snow though…

  5. And I just checked in on the gang and the chickens are all outside in the sunshine and where is Miss phoebe…..inside resting under the perches. Maybe she needed some alone time?

  6. Sweet Phoebe! What an adorable bunny! I’m surprised your chickens aren’t scrabbling around up there as well. the chickens on the farms I worked used to get into the dangedest places (she says rolling her eyes).

  7. Which brand netting do you think you will use for replacement? I have tried bird netting for fruit trees stretched across the yard and they ripped pretty quickly.

  8. Cute! Love the posts about Phoebe. My bunnies love the snow, too. unfortunately they’ve figured out how to dig their way out of the cage. Especially the 3 yr old mother. She leads her daughter into mischief. I wonder if Phoebe would like a partner in crime ;) Phoebe, you’re right, snow does taste good!

  9. Thank goodness for the bird netting or Phoebe would over the wall and roaming free.

  10. Just been watching Phoebe’s having her last run around before being shut in. Her eyes are so bright in the dark ! Goodnight to all, my bedtime as well gone 11pm here :)

  11. Good to see Phoebe filling Candy’s shoes. I wish I was as cold-proof as a rabbit! :^)

  12. Wow! So much snow and Phoebe is having such a great time. Lovely photos capturing Phoebe’s adventures.

  13. I just love Phoebe! She is fun to watch and quite the mountain climber! Who knew ;)

  14. Love that Phoebe!! Have you seen Small Things blog? New goatie brothers. Also, Ravelry opening page is showing lovely goatie in beautiful pink sweater

  15. She is so beautiful. What a happy bunny. Is she affectionate? Can you pet her?


    • She is not affectionate towards people, but she’s not afraid either. She’d much rather do her bunny things and talk to the goats than us :)