Keeping A Rabbit With Your Flock

It’s been a couple of years since I wrote my FAQ on keeping a rabbit in with the flock. It was pre-Phoebe. There were no photos. I’ve revised it. In doing so, I went through years of photos and found this gem. Some of you will remember Candy, the Empress of the Barnyard. Here she is, talking to Pip, when he was still a youngster.

No doubt she was imparting some kernel of wisdom. Did Pip listen? I’m not sure. His brother, Caper, is the smartest of the Goat Boys.

Candy and goats


  1. Since I have never had rabbit, I know very little about them. Do they have a lot of personality, bond with other animals and accept some sort of affection. Phoebe is so beautiful but I get the impression she is not one for a lot of affection.

  2. OHHH so nice to see a photo of Candy again,and look how young and small Pip looks! Thanks for the sharing of a old memory.

  3. I got to see Phoebe come bounding out of her snow tunnel and kick her heels up as she dashed around the pen this morning. So cute! My girlfriend in MN started a flock of free range chickens with an open coop by day (no pen). Every day, after the girls had gone out about their business, a wild bunny would move into the coop for a long afternoon nap. Unfortunately she lost every one of her girls, one by one, and then the bunny stopped visiting. This year there will be an eagle proof pen and a bunny from the shelter. Many people may not realize but there are a lot of bunnies at shelters and even small pet rescues looking to re-home rabbits. :)

  4. i am hoping for a bunny this spring (if spring ever gets here) I adore bunnies, havnt had one for about five years si cant wait

  5. Candy looked a beautiful rabbit sad I hadn’t joined your site when you had her. Just had a great close up shot of Phoebe’s having her me time before going to bed.:)

  6. Oh, I just love that picture of Candy and the goat boys having a chat! It is fun to see Phoebe keeping the conversation going. I love your FAQ also. In the 2nd paragraph after saying that Phoebe is your fourth, I think you meant to say that you’ve kept a bunny successfully in the flock instead of a hen. Though you’ve moved hens around like Eleanor and Siouxsie and that was quite successful.

  7. What a cute photo. It’s lovely to see Candy again and to Pip looking so young and sweet.

  8. Terry, was I dreaming or do you have a picture of Candy and one of the goat boys nose to nose with no fence between them? I loved that bunny also.

  9. This is what sticks in my memory about Candy – visiting with the kids at the corner of the pen. Sometimes they talked for a long, long time.

  10. How I wish I had known about HenCam when The Empress was here– she sounds delightful. And I wouldn’t have believed the goat boys could be any cuter if I hadn’t seen their baby photo. They are just too irresistible. I don’t know how anyone can resist trying to sneak a cuddle of Phoebe, it must take special strength, because she is my favorite screen cover bunny. (That last shot of her is now on my home screen!) I count every day I can see her hopping around in the snow as special. Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Great to see the sun shining yesterday and the girls/boys enjoying it, but you’re paying for it today your temp when I logged on was -6f which is -21c over here, that’s cold brrr!! Please keep warm and snug once chores are done. Been trying some of your pie recipes family love’s them. All we have is Rain, Rain and more Rain, my girls say they will stop laying eggs and start quacking soon!!

    • I agree. Enough is enough!!! Feeling for you guys, Old Man Winter really has it in for you, keep safe and warm.