And More Snow

As you’ve noticed, it keeps on snowing. It’s like we’re in a fairytale with an evil King who won’t allow the seasons to change. We’re New Englanders. We’re used to challenging winter weather. But this is record-breaking snowfall and although we like to think of ourselves as stoic – we pride ourselves on our fortitude in the face of adversity – this is a bit much, even for us.

snow on coop


Here I am heading out to check on the animals. It is 2 pm. Steve snapped this photo from inside of the mudroom door. Just so you know, although he often, very kindly, does the barn chores first thing in the morning, I also do them in this weather!

trudging out


There’s a reason that I had a barn built – not a little prefab coop the size and height of a rabbit hutch (that I’ve railed against in numerous posts.) On a day like this I’m oh so grateful for an indoor area that has storage for tools and the chicken feed.



The hens are grateful for the light and the space. It’s a winter like this that confirms that my criteria for chicken coop design of a minimum of 4 square feed per hen of inside space is not excessive. My chickens are active and despite the lack of outside time, there aren’t any pecking order issues.

active hens


In fact, the Girls are content enough to be laying.

Twiggy laying


The biggest challenge so far has been what to do with the manure.

chicken manure


The manure pile is out back, beyond those two trees.



I am not about to trudge out through snow up past my waist. I have an alternate manure pile in the goats’ paddock, and a short path will be shoveled out to that tomorrow.

My family doesn’t ski, and the snow is too deep to take the dogs for walks in the woods, so none of us are particularly enjoying this bounty of snow. For now we are all staying safe and cozy indoors. Even Tonka is dry and well-cared for at his stable a half-hour away. There is, however, one amongst us who is having the best winter, ever.

rabbit in snow


  1. I love all of the pictures! We have the opposite of snow here in the PNW..56+ degrees and steady rain, day after day, I did prune one apple tree yesterday and the sun was out for awhile….but we have had mud season for 3 months, I don’t know which is better….for now we all just deal with it….take care,

  2. Do you have snowshoes? I’ve been forced to fill my birdfeeders using them, the snow is too deep!

    • I have snowshoes, but breaking trail is too difficult for my hips. I’ll have to wait for others to pack it down before I get out.

  3. I have to honestly say I’m speechless every time I see more photos. I cannot even imagine.

    I like you would not be enjoying it either. Here no snow at all this winter and that is absolutely fine by me.

    Terry keep railing on those prefab coops. They are god awful.

  4. Winter in New England can be very challenging. But it is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.

  5. Terry, did you see my last message on previous blog, wondered if they would be any good ??

  6. Although for Vermont, living in the mountain areas the snow is not unusual, these constant below zero temps are exhausting. And, I have run out of places to put the soiled coop bedding. I’ve filled a wheel barrow, and two large garbage cans – with no way to pull/walk them down to the manure pile in the woods. I have to say to myself every morning – my last winter here… my last winter here. It’s been in the 50s and 60s in the North Carolina mountains. I can’t move soon enough!!!

  7. Terry, the amount of snow your area is receiving is truly amazing. It’s hibernation weather for scooter ;) Question, somewhere under all that snow is your Little Pond. Is it frozen solid? Is the Beast and her minions alive under there?

  8. Oh how I wish I had that much snow- well, on second thought, maybe half of it! It’s so beautiful. At least you can sit by the fireplace and read, even if you don’t get out much. Good thing for your spacious chicken coop :)

  9. How are the chickens doing at the Senior Center with all this snow? Phoebe looks likes she would like to break out!! What could she be thinking?

  10. Think in 6 months time we will be complaining its far to hot and dry!!! On a serious note do you have mains gas as well as electric and do you use generator and wood burners for backup ??? Mind your backs with all that shovelling :)

  11. I know where our winter went! Do be careful keeping your paths clear to the buildings.

    I think it’s hilarious Phoebe is enjoying the snowy trails :)

  12. Yes your Phoebe sure is loving the weather. I have been watching on the cam. Stay safe up there. I hope it lets up soon!

  13. I don’t know how you keep going in these conditions (although you have to of course), it’s so good that you have the type of barns that you do. I hope things get better for you soon.

  14. Pip and Caper enjoying their branches in the sunshine. Boston is in the news in uk, hope the weather doe’s not come in as bad again as they are saying. Have put a card in post today, hope it gets to you ( probably at least a week or two ). As always keep safe and warm. :)