Gifts for Chicken Keepers

It’s that time of year. Presents are expected. It’s supposed to be a joyful and generous season, but some people are hard to get gifts for. There are undercurrents of expectations and emotions. This can be stressful. You’re lucky if you have a chicken keeper on your list. We are the easiest people to shop for! Personally, I thrill to getting a new

, a stiff and a fine-tined pitchfork. Don’t think of these things as yucky manure movers. Rather, they are tools – and just like power tools are the gift of choice for a guy with a workshop, so are barn tools the ultimate gift for those of us who care for critters. Yes, wrapping is a challenge – don’t fuss. Just tuck on a bow!

That said, perhaps you don’t want to carry a manure bucket with you on your flight home – perhaps you want to give a gift that fits into a stocking, or on the table by the Chanukah candles, If so, then I have some other ideas.

Around here, a pair of warm socks, with a chicken motif, will make you the best Santa, ever.



Chicken people have eggs, and that means that they appreciate kitchen tools.

Everyone should have an


I couldn’t make my apple pies without this brilliant

. (Not exactly egg-related but too wonderful not to mention here.)

apple peeler


The eggs in this basket were all blown out using a




A stainless steel, professional quality whisk, like

 makes short work of whipping up eggs. Truly, quality makes a difference.

that can flip two fried eggs at once is a workhorse in my kitchen.

As this photograph makes obvious, I’m all set with whisks and spatulas. (Look closely and you’ll see that my measuring spoons are stored in a vintage poultry trophy.)



As much as I like tools, I’m not one for gadgets. That said, I find these

 for hard-cooked eggs irresistible.  There’s even a . (I don’t have this one. Hint.) I’ve written about how to use these on this post.

Wrap gifts in this gorgeous and sophisticated

. Actually, you could give me an empty box wrapped with this paper, and I’d be happy!



What gift would make you happy?


  1. Jewelry organizer’s for lose beads. Since I have gotten into making European charm bracelets, that’s what makes me happy. And ebay gift cards since, trying to buy the beads anywhere else will bankrupt you, I know bead shops are getting the same beads and spacers from china, this way I least cut out the middle man.

    • Kit, you might give a thought to going to Home Depot or Lowes, or even Walmart, and look at those plastic tool bins for screws and small parts.
      Or even Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, Cabella’s, or LL Bean’s in Maine, on line, and look for tackle boxes or fly tying storage boxes. Some good sales come up around Christmas, and for small stuff those little drawers with divider plates work wonders.
      As far as a gift, I am receiving mine tomorrow afternoon. I am RETIRING after 41 years, so I just may get to having a whole chicken instead of just feathers!

      Good luck, Erney

  2. bird netting!! the stuff that holds up to snow. The deer netting I use keeps the hawks out and the chickens in but it does not hold during the smallest of snows.

    Blog is timely, I was at my parents this weekend and their bath towels, hand towels… well, lets just say they have been around awhile. I went to JC Penney on my lunch today and made a purchase. I’ve also bought my mother a gift card to her favorite clothing store. Although she will be very grateful for the new linens a gift of “necessary” items is not what Christmas is about in her mind. Ask my dad he’ll tell ya. ;-)

  3. I was wondering who else would have chicken inspiration around their house. The egg blower would be neat to try. Have any of you tried it?

    • Yes, it’s great. I need to order another soon because the bellows on mine are showing signs of wear. With the amount of work it’s had to do here, I am impressed that it’s held up this long.