An Improved GoatCam

IT Guy has upgraded software and reconfigured things. He explained what he did while we were eating lunch. I’m afraid that my mind wandered. But, I did manage to focus again when he said something about improved streaming. Anyway, whatever IT Guy did, it was quite brilliant.

Caper is also brilliant, but he tries to hide it so that he can get his brother, Pip, in trouble.

Caper and Cam


In the above photo, you can see the cam. The shelf above it is to keep the goats from standing on, and breaking, the camera. Despite the fact that these cameras are designed for outdoor security and remain intact through all weather and major storms, they are no match for goats.

on cam


The cams are made to withstand graffiti, but they are not guaranteed for use with goats. I invite the manufacturer to do product testing here.

There is jostling in the stall. Stuff (of the unmentionable kind) gets on the protective plastic lens.

goats jostling


Here are the goats rubbing against the Goat Maid’s rubber boots. Wearing boots that they can rub against is one of her jobs.

goats rubbing boots


Much to the goats’ chagrin, she often fails at this, and so the goats have to resort to rubbing other things. LIke the cams.

goats rub cam

So, enjoy the improved live-streaming, and I apologize in advance if you see it through a haze of goat dirt. IT Guy can’t solve every problem.


  1. There are so many things that are no match for goats! LOL. No goat dirt haze on the camera this morning and it looks great. Esp. that golden tree in the background since I didn’t see the goat boys. Probably in the back pasture or on the camera. Silly boys.

  2. Hi Terry & IT Guy,
    I am getting the following “error loading skin: Incompatible player version” can IT Guy tell me what to do?
    Having withdrawals not seeing the Hen cam and goat cam, can see the 2 inside cams though.

    • Sorry for the problems! I am still debugging everything. There are several things to try:
      1. reload the page
      If that doesn’t fix it, then
      2. clear your browser’s cache
      If that doesn’t fix it, then
      3. restart the browser
      If that doesn’t fix it, then I’m stumped (temporarily). What version of browser are you using?

  3. Now we can see even more clearly how, um, well prepared they are for whatever winter has in store. ;-)

  4. WOW!! So bright and clear….I just viewed Pip having a snack then calmly looking right into the camera…just like he knew he was being admired.

  5. Well done the IT man!! Much improved Hen Cam & Goat Cam. Nobody ‘Inside’ to check that one (the Barn Cam still jumps a bit though)

    • The BarnCam needs to be replaced. That’s a $500 camera. There’s a reason that most people don’t do what we do :) I’ve been saving up the “coffee” money… hopefully we’ll be able to get to that in 2015.