You’re Invited

I have quite a number of events coming up, and I hope to see you at one or more of them.

This weekend, on Saturday, is a Chicken Keeping Workshop. There’s still plenty of space so do sign up. The photo below is from the Advanced Chicken Keeping Class held a week ago. Notice the cookies. I’ll be baking again on Friday!

advanced class


On June 11, I’m really looking forward to being at one of my favorite places – The Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, MA. I’ll be doing a talk and book signing in the Limonaia, which is likely to be the most fragrant and beautiful space that I’ve ever done a program in. That event is free with the price of admission, so come early and tour the grounds. Even better, walk the gardens and then join me for dinner at the Twigs Cafe! I’ve reserved a table, so email me to let me know if you’d like to join us.

Speaking of gardens, I’ve added a new program this summer – A HenCam Garden Party. It will take place here at Little Pond Farm on July 12. If you’ve ever wished for a party where people talked about their chickens (instead of children, politics, etc.) then this is the event to come to! I’ll give a short presentation on how to incorporate a flock into a landscape, and the remainder of the afternoon will be spent relaxing by watching the Beast and hens, scratching the goats, wandering the gardens, and being able to chat about your own hens with others who get it. A full description and signup is on my Events Page.

Amber on chair

Amber is waiting to welcome you to the party!

There’s more on my schedule – take a look at the Events Page for the full listing. I hope to see you soon!


  1. Loooovvvve the pic of Amber. Just wish I lived close enough to attend your party.

  2. wish I could attend.
    Living in Alaska we miss out, but one day when I retire will travel to a
    ”Terry” event.

    • Same here! Well, not Alaska, California. But I hope to move to western New York, and then a road trip to HenCam country wouldn’t be so unthinkable.

      “Notice the cookies”?- Notice the rubber chicken! That has certainly got my curiosity up… :^)

      • The rubber chicken… in the advanced class, Steve teaches how to humanely euthanize a hen and uses that as a prop.

    • I’d like to get back to Alaska – I saw the inland waterway from a ferry 30 years ago. I’d like to see more!

  3. How fun! But I live too far. Boo. I watched my chickens fight over a bird that one had caught! They were passing it back and forth like it was a worm! I don’t know if this poor little bird was a fallen fledgling or what.There’s a big tree in the chicken yard and all kinds of birds use it. All I saw was the bird being pecked to death by many chickens! It was so bizarre. They are savages! Chicken keep surprising me!

    • I heard a ruckus Sunday coming the chickens. Went to investigate and they had surrounded the wagon with a black snake in the middle. An adult at that. Poor thing was dying a death of a thousand pecks. I watched for a few minutes. I went in to intervene. I managed to fend off the chickens for a few minutes while he made his or her escape.
      I wanted to keep the mouse/rat eater around. I suspect he or she will survive minus a few scales and a few superficial wounds.

      Now if they would just do that when a hawk shows up. I have no doubt the hawk would retreat.

      • yep! I bought 35 chicks a couple of months ago. One died, they ate it before I even noticed it was missing. All that was left was a torn apart skeleton. I was a bit horrified. Good thing they’re not bigger than us eh?

  4. Wish I could attend as well. One day, a vacation to the Northeast with one day at Little Pond Farm.

  5. Amber is such a beautiful hen. Just look at that fluffy bottom!

  6. I live in the wrong state…every time I go to a party and someone is talking about work or their kids I wanna pipe up and say “Does anyone wanna talk about chickens?????” Evreything you described is so right up my alley. I am sorry I will miss it…:(

  7. I wish I could attend your chicken keeping workshop. I’ve been following your site for quite sometime now, well 11 months to be exact. I live in the Pacific NW, and even though there are many folks with chickens in their backyards in our area, I have yet to find an actual chicken keeping workshop. But an idea just occurred to me, is it possible to have your workshop beam to our area? perhaps by Skype way? just asking. As always, really enjoy your site. Hehe, I also noticed the cookies…