We Made Pies

On Saturday, five women spent the the afternoon in my kitchen to learn how to master pie crust. All of the ingredients and tools were ready for their arrival.



We made tea, talked about our favorite pies, and got to work. A lot of flour flew, as can be seen on my shirt (I should have worn a full apron, but couldn’t resist wearing this cute vintage one.)



I taught them how to make dough in the food processor. Handled correctly, with the right proportions of fat and water to flour, this machine can turn out the perfect crust. We looked, we handled, we pressed. With pastry it’s all about knowing when to stop. It takes an experienced eye.



Everyone mixed perfect crust to roll. There’s a technique to it, which they all got good at. I showed them what type of rolling pin works and what doesn’t. The proper tools matter.



We crimped and fluted.



There was a lot going on. Lily helped to tidy up anything that landed on the floor.



We made pies.

Marcia took home this classic apple. That’s a cinnamon stick in the center – a signature of my (and now her) apple pies.



Yemina has always wanted to make a lattice crust, and she did!



Jane graced her pie with maple leaves. (Of course my students had the best aprons.)



Sonja was inspired by the Yemina’s lattice and Jane’s maple leaves and created this beautiful pie (while telling us about her miniature donkeys which we are all insanely jealous of).



Luckily, there was one crust “failure” and so I was able to make pie crust cookies (cinnamon, sugar and chocolate chips.) We also put together a Meyer Lemon Pie. We were that busy! Finally, we made more tea and sat down to eat.



Everyone went outside to say hello to the goats. Phoebe showed them how fast she can run. The chickens clucked. No one wanted the afternoon to end, and so we agreed that they’ll come back for a bread baking class.

Note: I’ll be posting an apple pie recipe later this week. Watch for it!


  1. Darn; that sounds like it was a lot of fun! I will have to pay more attention to what’s going on at hencam. Since we decided to hold off on chickens until next Spring I’ve been reluctant to torture myself by visiting the chicken blogs.

  2. Do I see a few ceramic chickens…yes I do! Oh well, some just are too cute to pass up. The ladies look like they all had a good time…love the aprons!

  3. Looks like everyone had a great time and the pies look so delicious! Wish I lived close! Miniature donkeys…. oh my! Pie crust cookies sound heavenly to me.

  4. I have totally enjoyed everything about this pie blog, from the aprons and kitchen setup to the furnishings, fresh fruit, animal visits and finished products. This blog exudes joy on many levels. Thanks. Continued success and best wishes.

  5. Oh, it looks like you all had so much fun. Like Bobbie, I wish I lived close enough to join in – I love making pies. Well, I admit it, I love eating pies too! It was nice to see that Lily was helping in the kitchen, but where was Scooter?

  6. Gosh, Terry those pies look scrumptious. Pie is a favorite of mine. Doesn’t matter what kind, just good fruity ingredients. What I especially liked about this blog, besides the happy faces, is the painting in the background in the second picture. Really pretty. Also, I have a secret wish for two miniature donkeys. I’m glad Sonja likes them too! Happy eating ladies. A labor of love well deserved!

  7. When I was a kid…left over pie crust was usually baked plain right on the racks of the oven. My mother called them “frigadolas” but then said that “frigadola” was probably a curse word! A happy memory of baking pies with my mother who died 9 years ago in the fall.

  8. Good pies, you know earlier this month I was sent enough Red Mills Flour to make 25 pie crusts, for the mom ambassadors group I run. Well no one here cooks from scratch, and I wish I could have sent all that gluten free crust flour to you, but the shipping would have been way to much for me. So I instead donated it to my mother’s church so they could use it.