Into The Woods

I’ve never understood why, what with all of the things to celebrate in this country, that we honor Columbus with his own day, and that we even shut down schools for this holiday. (It would shut down government offices, too, that is if the government were open.) Honesty, Columbus? But, whatever the excuse, a day off, in the middle of October, when the weather is perfect, is fine by me.

We had our first hard frost this morning, but the sky is bright blue, and it is cool but not cold sweater weather. It is so beautiful that the “my heart lurched up into my chest” cliche is exactly how I feel when I see the light come through the trees in that way, with the angle just right, that it’s like the leaves are made of stained glass.

So, into the woods Steve and I went with the dogs. Lily stayed on leash, or she’d be off after deer and coyotes.



Scooter doesn’t chase wild animals, and so I unsnapped his lead. He likes to go up ahead. He is perfectly camouflaged. Do you see him?

find scooter


I don’t like Scooter to get too far away. When I call him, he comes hurtling back, little ears flapping.

Scooter running


The dogs think that every day should be Columbus Day.



  1. Columbus Day was my father’s father’s birthday–the grandfather who died before I was born. My father would always plant his favorite sweet peas on that day in memory. I loved them, too, and would take bouquets to school, to work, to neighbors.
    As far as those holidays go that people (including my father) might question for various reasons, I’d say to my elderly father and mother that it’s a day off from work, and “I can be home and spend more time with you!”

  2. Good dog Scooter & Lily, you’re just such a good protector that you need to stay close / on leash. Glad you’re all enjoying a beautiful New England day.

  3. Your lucky Luna, my chihuahua will go chasing bikes and motorcycles that run down our closed street. Either I or my mother have to chase her down four times because she took off after the bicyles or a motorcyle going by. She absolutely hates bicycles and motorcycle and will get so aggressive barking at them going by that she will fall of the widnowsill rather than paying attention to where her feet are !!! Does Scooter have hates like that and wants to chase down and kill anything at all ?

  4. Lily looks like she is on “high” alert. The ears and nose working overtime. Little Scooter in the last picture looks like he is hoping it’s not time to turn for home. Nothing does a body or a pooch better than a wonderful walk in autumn splendor.

    • Actually, that’s relaxed for Lily. Really. You should see her when she’s air scenting. If it’s just the two of us in the woods and she air scents and raises her hackles, I trust her judgement and we leave!

  5. I am coming to your little town to run a marathon at great brook Saturday….

    • I tried to find the map of your run online. I bet you’ll be in Estabrook woods right across from my house! Listen for the barking dog (Lily!) Check yourself for ticks afterwards. The little ones are out in the leaves. Ugghh.

  6. When I think of Columbus Day, I always remember the horrible Columbus Day storm of 1962 that ripped through the state of Oregon. Our house got flooded, and after the waters receded, we had 16 inches of river silt throughout the house. We had wind gusts of up to 179 mph. I’ve never seen a storm since like that one. Our schools were open today, but banks and post offices were closed.
    We had a beautiful Fall day today, too. I had 3 large burn piles to burn. I picked beets, onions, garlic, and apples, and worked in the berry rows, weeding and laying a heavy mulch down.

  7. LOL! That wide shot of Scooter, with just his face visible…

    I think Columbus day is celebrated in the Italian communities, but it really doesn’t make sense, since it was the Spanish crown that actually funded Columbus’ expedition. But it is the perfect time of year for a holiday. Here in S.California it was also a beautiful day, clear and bright, with a touch of a breeze.

  8. we had a beautiful day also. the crane colts left wisconsin on the first leg of their very first migration. they fly behind ultra light aircraft, it’s on camera and so exciting to see
    \it’s that time of year and all creatures must enjoy it – you could tell they were excited.

  9. Berkeley has renamed it Indigenous People’s Day but it is not a University holiday. I took it as a vacation day and it was a beautiful day. Still in the 80s and my Barred Rocks haven’t molted yet. October has the best weather.

  10. Beautiful! Looks identical to the trail behind my house at this time of year. Leaves for miles. Scooter is just like my Basil ( Westie ). So happy to be of leash, but always comes running at the sound of her name. Good dogs!

  11. I totally agree….NEVER understood the hoopla with Columbus….Makes NO sense at all!

  12. That is a beautiful picture of Lily. I’d say it’s one for framing.
    Ticks here is Bucks County PA have been the fewest I have ever seen. I only had one on me the entire summer. I am usually a tick magnet. I hate those little suckers.

  13. I, personally, am glad there is a day to honor the man that explored and successfully colonized this great American nation of ours. The nation has been a refuge for many, many people of all races to escape tyranny, genocide, and religious freedom. We are a nation of one people, but many different colors, languages and beliefs. Somehow, we make it work everyday. We’re not perfect, but as perfect as it could be seen. I love this nation and put it above most things other than God and family. I embrace America and embrace Columbus Day, Independence Day, Martin Luther King Day, Washington and Lincoln Day and all other holidays that reminds us of how great this nation is. I am in no way, contradicting your personal belief, Terry. I am celebrating living somewhere that we each can have our own thoughts. Love ya and hope all have a great day at Little Pond.

    • I’m rather patriotic myself and agree with you on how wonderful this nation is. My point was just that of all of the events and people to celebrate, that Columbus (who didn’t land on our soil, BTW) is not one of them. The holiday itself was a way to placate certain voter groups in the 1930s. In any event, I use it to celebrate my favorite month :)

      • I stand corrected, Terry. I did some research and confirmed he did not step on American soil. They said he instigated British colonization. Not sure how, but ok. I did read he was of questionable character and this is disheartening considering my husband’s geology is traced back to him. So, I’m with you and think maybe they should recognize someone else. So much for fourth grade history in the seventies. I don’t want to impose, but would like to know about the 1930s political group and their story. Would you mind recommending a source? Anyone that follows your posts knows how patriotic you are. This is the second time I got a good History lesson on this blog. Thanks Terry.

        • Jen, no historical person is without their dark sides, and I try to read history with a look to how that person behaved within the context of their times. By all accounts, Columbus was one heck of a sailor :) All I know is what I’ve read recently in the newspaper, but if any history buff has a good source to learn more about that period of time, let us know!

          • I try to picture the Columbus expedition. Three relatively small ships charting unknown waters for an unknown period of time. Sailors are notoriously superstitious and believed there were “minions of the deep” that could devour ships and destroy men. Unknown weather patterns, would the food hold out? All of these things were real and present to these people. We, in a time of GPS, TWC and SOS look down at these accomplishments. Columbus lead these men by his own will. No, he did not land on North America and no he wasn’t the first. But he did these things in the face of the struggles they knew they would have to endure and the perils that were unknown.
            The Vikings were supposed to have been the first, planting grapes in northern North America, an as such could be more closely related to the colonization of the east coast.
            Columbus endured, and I have no problem recognizing him for it regardless of his failings. Martin Luther King walked into the dangers he knew awaited him, I recognize his struggles even though he to was not a perfect person. We recognize people who made changes in the face of danger and uncertainty. I don’t question why we have a Columbus Day, I question why we don’t celebrate what it meant it anymore.

  14. Scooter is such a little cutie and I love the way he just blends in. Lilly is lovely too of course but there is something about the little guy, you just have to smile!