Goat Angels

The goats are ANGELS.

_SEG1948 (1)



Look at how Caper has gotten into the spirit of the costume. Angelic!




Oh well, maybe not.



Happy Halloween!


  1. LSHICBT (Laughing so hard I can barely type) It’s ok, boys, at least it is not type casting.

  2. Too funny!! Maybe Miley Cyrus would look as sweet when sticking out her tongue, if she wore an angel`s halo? I know it`s a stretch…….

  3. Ahhhh…I`m sorry…..That was not a nice image to impose on anyone. Your boys are very sweet and those are GREAT pics for us all to enjoy!

  4. Such sweet goaties! I just love them. Much better costumes than Moby Dick and the Pequod. LOL!

  5. So fun and cute. The last pic has to be perfect for October 2015 calendar. Love the halos. They deserve a great big Snickers bar. Happy Halloween Boys and Little Pond!

  6. So adorable! That last photo with the tongue sticking out, I’m laughing so hard! Thank you Terry. Thank you Goat Boys! You have put a smile on my face today. Happy Halloween!

  7. Awesome fun! Love the outfits! Now you need to get a set of antique glasses for the Gems so they aren’t left out of the fun!

  8. What appropriate costumes. Of course they are angels – your angels. However, I’m sure they do have a devilish side.
    What a fun idea to dress them for Halloween.

    • Scooter says that he is a big, meaty dog and that he does not deign to wear a collar, let alone some from-frou costume. And Lily says that she’d never forgive me.

  9. Oh my…….I am so happy to see the boys in this years costume. Great job Terry! Just came out to the porch to enjoy the last of the day, fall colors and a very good pre Halloween martini. This is the best Halloween Happy Hour ever.

  10. Good job I have had my clips removed after recent hip replacement surgery!!!!!!! So funny.