Fall Colors

This is the view from my home office window.



It has been a picture-perfect autumn. Every year I am dumbstruck by the the transformation in the landscape. Every year I vow not to be surprised, and yet I am. Anything that I write about how beautiful the fall is will come out cliched. So, I won’t even try. Instead, here is a photo that Steve took a few years back of our friend, Larry Sorli’s cows. The maple trees really do look like that.



This photograph is in the calendar put out in collaboration of the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources and Massachusetts Farm to School Project. Purchasing one supports the MAC. You can do so here.


  1. Beautiful. There are two of these sugar maples planted in Yosemite Natl. Park. I don’t remember the players but someone back in the 1900 was bragging to his friends back east about the beautiful fall color in Yosemite. The person back east said that nothing could touch his fall foliage and sent him several Sugar Maple saplings. Which were planted. One or two remain today. And they are magnificent in October.

    We were supposed to be there last week and that obviously didn’t happen with the shutdown so I missed seeing it this year.

  2. One of the hens is pecking the fool out of buffy all around her neck. She managed to peck back at the naughty hen.

  3. Gorgeous! I’m on the west coast and it’s supposed to be mid to high 80s today…UGH! I long to live where I can actually witness the changing of the seasons (and own chickens).

  4. Wonderful! My first thought was, that photo belongs in a calendar!

    LOL, around 3:45 HenCam time, one of the youngsters was running around like crazy (dark, minimal comb, Nancy Drew?)
    No other hen was the least bit excited or even interested, although it looked like they were enjoying the brisk gusts of wind.

    • My young pullets yesterday were enjoying the very breezy day, they would face it, run, flap their wings and get airborne. They truly did seem to be enjoying their Amelia moments.

  5. A hand-knitted sweater with the beautiful colors of those leaves would be delightful!!

  6. Being a native Westerner, I admit I was dismissive of what seemed over-hyped fall foliage claims by all of you Eastern dudes. Then I visited New England in October and was knocked right off my feet by the color. Looking at a hillside of maples and other hardwoods is a heart-stopping experience. I call it one of the wonders of the natural world and hope to return some year for another does. Just wow.