Nursing Home Hens in the News

Today’s Boston Globe has an article about the project that I’ve been involved with at the nursing home. You can read it here. Nancy West, the reporter, did a lovely job explaining what we’re trying to accomplish, and the photographer took some evocative photographs. Don’t miss the one of Beulah, the pullet, meeting a 101 year old woman.

Please share the article. Nursing homes are businesses, and change will come when they see that these projects have tangible benefits.



  1. PERFECT!!!!!!!

    I think the fact that the chickens are moving and doing things is a big difference than the trained dog that is brought in and trained to lay and be petted. Don’t get me wrong I think that is a great thing as well.

  2. Well, that’s going to make me run out and buy the Globe today. Very well done, Terry.

  3. Just read the article Terri, you must be very proud, a wonderful venture xxx

  4. I tried to access the article on line but would have to subscribe to the Boston Globe to do so. Is there anyway you can put it on the website?
    joyce in CA

    • The website is so frustrating! If you access it through my FB page, you can get right on. You can register without subscribing and get on. Sometimes you can read it without registering. I’m a subscriber and my password never works. I wish that I could post it, but I can’t because of copyright.

  5. Dang! I’m a Globe subscriber, but here in Somerville I get Globe North! Congrats, though!

  6. I love the whole idea of reconnecting with the animals that were such an important part of everyone’s existence just a few generations ago. Times have changed and yet they haven’t really. The expansion of the chciken coop to the Nursing Facility is so heart warming. I love this story and the story of the draft horses from BlueStar Equiculture in Palmer Mass that plowed a new garden at a local school so the children could see a live demonstration of how a team of horses does their work. Then the children can learn about agriculture as they plant their new garden.
    Great work Terry and the people from the Littleton nursing home that could see the value in such a program.

  7. I shared it on Facebook. It’s such a heartwarming story!

  8. Congratulations Terry – so very proud of you! What a splendid job that reported did – it was a delightful article to read. Keep up the good work!

  9. That was a great article about the Nursing Home chickens.
    I’m having trouble with the hencam.
    Not seeing any chickens.
    Hope it can be fixed, so I could see them.


  10. Terry, This is so great for so many reasons. Bravo for a facility that cares for aging patients with dementia to provide stimulation by using animals. Chickens are such funny little creatures and more people should have the pleasure of taking care of them. it’s great for the chickens too – to be seen as sentient little creatures instead of just something to eat!

  11. Such a lovely article. The picture of the lady talking to the chicken is great.
    Wonder what she is saying? Her lips are almost pursed!!

  12. Love the article! Brings tears to my eyes thinking about these sweet people having something to make them happy and less agitated.

  13. Congratulations Terry. You truly are a God send to so many people…. Great real-life story!

  14. That is just wonderful. I feel very peaceful when I am watching or taking care of my 3 girls…which is good because they have me worrying about soft eggs, raccoons, and figuring out how to add this fancy window to the coop!

  15. Great!!! Terry you just keep on going. I don’t know how you do it all.

  16. Terri, I just had to dig through the recycling bin here at the senior center I work at in canton. Success, I found it. Great story, wonderful idea, wish they would do something like that here at orchard cove