Meet Misty

I am partial to grey chickens, which is why I have Pearl. Even though she is a broody, heat-stressed cochin, I couldn’t resist those soft dove grey feathers. This is also why I decided to keep the blue Andalusian, that I’ve named Misty. Here she is:



Oops, that’s Owly, who is always in front of the camera. Misty is in the back, taking a nap.

I’ll try again.



Oops, now Misty is awake and doing speedy sprints around the pen. It’s hard to get a photograph of her! Finally, here, meet Misty:


Blue Andalusian pullet, 9 weeks

Her white earlobes are beginning to show. She’ll lay white eggs. Maybe when she’s fully mature she’ll slow down, but I’m guessing not.


  1. It seems Misty takes more after her namesake’s mother Phantom who could never be tamed and eventually returned to Assateague Island. Terry have you ever thought of going to Maryland one July and seeing the Pony Penning day ? I know I have always wanted to go.

  2. Great photo essay! It looks like Owly is talking to you in the first picture! Thank you again for sharing your stories and photographs!

  3. I don’t know Terry…a Blue Andalusian was a part of my flock when I was a kid, and Dolly never joined her sisters at night in the hen house (except when it got really, really cold), but roosted in the orchard, and generally laid her eggs in the doghouse. Maybe time has tamed the breed!

  4. I love how well you know your girls. And thanks for introducing us to them and telling us about their personalities. I will have mixed feelings when we say goodbye to 11 of our babies this weekend. It’s fun having so much energy and personality in the run, but I am anxious to get to REALLY know our 4. It will be fun to see how they settle in.
    Misty looks like she might get into some mischief! I think she is the one I see flying/jumping all the time on

  5. She has a rainbow sheen to her feathers! My Andulusian is more the color of a dove…do the colors waver back and forth that much? I didn’t realize there was such a wide scope of colors!

  6. My andulusions calmed/slowed down when they started to lay. I have two one is a splash and one looks like a leghorn, almost white, just a few flecks of black.

  7. aww, it is so fun to see a bunny running around again!! she’s got some spunk! :)

  8. Enjoyed watching you and the bunny during the lunch hour. Love how she sits up… so inquisitive! Looks like you’ve picked another winner.

    • Wow! That Twiggy is fast. Everyone else seemed to get with the program. She was loving the paddock for sure.

  9. Misty has such an elegant form, but I adore Owly’s wild bird plumage! Such an interesting patchwork of patterns, like a pheasant’s. I wonder how much the hens’ color changes as they age?