We Are Okay

Massachusetts has a state holiday, Patriot’s Day. It’s a Monday in the middle of April, a spring day that always feels like it’s at the beginning of things. It’s like the whole state plays hooky. We have the only major league morning game at Fenway Park, which ends in time for the fans to join the crowds cheering on the marathoners. This year I stayed home to work in the garden.


Those close to me are all safe. I think about the dead and injured. And I know that something intangibly special and wonderful has been destroyed.


  1. Your little corner of the world, with your animals blissfully unaware of the word beyond your yard, is a comfort in these times. I’m glad everyone you know and love is ok. Thoughts to all up there.

  2. Hugs and thoughts to all from Seattle. We are confused and in disbelief of the actions of yesterday.

  3. One walks a very thin line between being concerned and being intrusive. Wonder how many of us were holding our breath until we heard you and your family were safe. Sad day for America, prayers to the family, and I agree Terry, something has been taken from all of you in Beantown. Hope it can be restored one day.

  4. I’m so glad yall are ok. I think you maybe the only person I know from Mass, but I was hoping you guys were all right. All this tragedy lately is just awful. :( Love from Mississippi.

  5. May you all feel the love from Texas and all over. Tragedies are horrible. Experienced one across the street from the school where I teach 13 years ago. I hope you all know that love and prayers are being offered to you all.

  6. I know, I know. Five years ago my mom and I were spectators just where the bomb went off yesterday. We cheered my daughter Nadine as she approached the finish line, so sore and tired and happy it made my heart soar. That’s how it was at the finishing line – everyone’s heart was soaring. The atmosphere is one of intense happiness and love for each other. I was floating the rest of the day.

    Now, I’m afraid, that kind of moment, that kind of universal, group soaring, will never again be possible at the Boston marathon.

  7. Love and prayers to all in Boston and their family & friends. My daughter was working just blocks from the tragedy of 9/11, my oldest was in Boston and my youngest in Washington DC. It took them a few years but they came back home to Vermont. I am one happy mother hen with my chicks back where it is somewhat safe.

  8. Our thoughts are with Boston. These senseless tragedies make me glad to have our animals. No matter what else is happening in the world, we still have to go out and feed, clean and love our animals. Maybe that is their purpose on earth? I like to think so…

    • I was with you Pat. Wondered if they were ok. Knew I had to sit back and wait for Terry to blog. Daughter and husband kept asking if she posted.

  9. Big hugs coming to you Terry from me, Precious, Nugget, and Pasco..and of course…all the feathered girls. Love you!

  10. Glad you and yours are OK Terry. Sending hugs from England and praying for the ones suffering. xx

  11. I’ve breathed a sigh of relief that you and your family weren’t caught up in the horror. Although, it feels wrong to be relieved that those we know are okay, when many we don’t know are not – their lives ended or changed irrevocably.

    I am thinking of the day in 2005 when London became a terror target. Nothing had changed in my life, work, garden, home. If I had not listened to the news reports I would not have known; but I did, and as you wrote “something intangibly special and wonderful” was destroyed.


  12. My family is safe, too, even the cousin who left the site of the second bomb only minutes before it went off.

    We also saw military helicopters heading into Hanscom Airforce base, as well as other planes, an hour or so after. (we are under one of the flight paths).

    Very scary.

  13. While it is wonderful that so many are safe, my heart breaks for the man who lost his 8 year old son and whose wife and daughter are seriously injured. His whole life has been set on its head in an instant. And the many who have lost limbs who will take such a long time to recover. I am enormously grateful for the doctors, nurses and therapists who are helping them all through.

  14. Heartfelt sympathy to all the Boston marathon victims and their families – from Melbourne, Australia.
    Love the pic of the sweet little bird – so poignant in light of what happened at the marathon.

  15. Love from Mound City (St. Louis).
    I’ve never been to Boston but I’ve been told Bostonians are a special lot. Hardy, reseliant, try that again and look out and will not be denied.
    In 2006 When the Red Sox played the Cardinals in the World Series I was fortunate to go to two games and had a beer or two at the restaurants with Sox fans and had several Sox fans sitting around me. I realize they were out numbered but the could not have been more respectful, pleasant and fun. The love for their Sox and Boston was written all over their faces. The night the Sox won here I walked out of the stadium highly disappointed by beloved Cardinals lost but if we had to lose I discovered it wasn’t so bad to lose to the Red Sox.

    Terry so happy you and yours are safe.

    • Ken, watching a game at Fenway Park should be on your bucket list. It is one of the most beautiful urban spaces in the world, and if you’re a baseball fan, seeing a game there is as good as it gets. BTW, there’s already talk that next year there will be more spectators than ever at the Boston Marathon. Which is run on Patriot’s Day. Enough said.