Such Changes!

Remember these chicks?


On day 18 they have entered the mini-pterodactyl stage. Here is a pile-up of dinosaurs.

pile up

Each breed is maturing at a different rate. This is a Black Star. She is as curious and bold as she’ll be when full-grown.

black star

Leghorns mature quickly. The white Leghorns are already growing combs. They’ll have bright red floppy ones when mature. I believe that this is a Brown Leghorn. She’s already lost most of her baby down.


i already have favorites. This Ameracauna has been calm, gentle and friendly from the first day. Such a sweet face!


I’m not naming the chicks yet, as most will not stay here. Five of the chicks are going to the nursing home, where they’re already talking with the residents about what the names will be. Perhaps they’ll use old-fashioned ones, the names of the residents’ mothers. I’ll be keeping only four (or five…) and the rest will be sold. When I settle on the chickens staying here, we’ll have the fun of thinking up names. Stay tuned!


    • I’m going to sell them either as one group, or two, and hopefully to someone starting out fresh. But I’ll let you know when the time comes!

  1. Awwww, look at the little cheek feathers. She is one of my guesses. She is so pretty. Of course all of them are…..

  2. Saw you taking pics this morning and knew we would get to see some close ups and some great commentary. Thanks…love them. What is the breed that sometimes looks like an owl when it faces you?

  3. I love my “Easter Eggers” (they can’t claim better breeding) and we named ours after famous women (ie Amelia Earhart…)

  4. So cute – how will you be able to part with them? I will be interested when you get to the part about integrating them in with the rest of your flock. I’m going to have to be doing that about 6 weeks from now!

  5. What pretty birds you have, Im sure they will make the peoples day at the nursing home so much brighter. God Bless you Terry for bringing joy into our lives! :) My coop is delayed because of MO. thunderstorms but we will get it done soon enough. My girls have it made in the garage for now.

  6. Surely 4 or 5 will not be enough! I have been working on my list of names and I like flowers!
    Daisy, Rose, Buttercup, Violet, Lily, and Pansy are at the top!
    If you blink, you will miss the changes. So amazing. Thanks for letting us be a part of it.

  7. So cute!
    I’m getting mine on 3rd of May. Couldn’t wait for them to arive!

  8. They are getting so BIG! I loved it when mine were at this stage…all gangly and pterodactyly and you get to see their personalities. So sweet. I do love those little cheeky feathers. <3

  9. They look great! My favorites are the ones with the brown stripes, they look like little quails!

  10. Four or five? Thats all? Four or five? How can you bear to part with so many of them? True, they won’t be this cute for long, but think in terms of… um… egg money? Or unlimited quiche? ;)

  11. Maybe, in all your spare time!, you could show what each of your chick breeds looks like at this phase. I always wonder about all of them.