The chicks are just over two weeks old. I told you that they wouldn’t look like like quintessential Easter chicks for long, and I was right. Their necks and legs are longer. Their down is coming off and feathers are coming in, but in spurts and in patches. It’s a gawky stage.

three chicks

The new feathers are most noticeable on the wings and rumps. There’s a marked difference between how quickly the breeds are maturing. The Delaware, developed as a meat bird (but which happens to be a good egg producer and have a docile temperament), is ahead of the rest (but grows nowhere as fast as a modern meat bird, thank goodness.)

Delaware tail

This black star is a tad slower to grow her tail feathers, but they’re there!

little tail

This little chick arrived with almost no down on her back. Her skin was dry and rough. Perhaps she had difficulty hatching? But she’s thriving and bold in nature. Even she has a wiggle of a tail.

bare chick

The chicks are quite aware of their transformation. They’ve been flapping their wings. A few have achieved lift-off! I’ll be raising the sides of the brooder soon.


  1. Awe, I love it when they start growing those tiny little tails. I know most don’t care for the awkward teenager phase but I think they are precious.

  2. They are SO ADORABLE! So much chickie cuteness! Thank you for sharing this journey with us Terry!

  3. They are still SO cute – just a little less chick-like and a tad more chicken-like. I’ve noticed a lot of looking up, stretching of wings, flapping, and chicks hurling themselves vertically out of camera range. Where they’re coming down, I can’t really tell. After the activities… nap time.

    Yes, it would be good to know how often to handle them. I remember, with the Gems, you mentioned they are frightened of things (hands, predators) swooping down from above, so maybe you have some tips for us newbies?

  4. They are still very cute. I love the little white ones (Delaware?) with the blue/gray feathers.

  5. I love the Delwares, I hope you not all them will end up being sold, given away, or end up for the nursing home to enjoy. Because I would to see another one or two in your flock. Maybe Opal who is younger and one of the bottom hens of then Gems will be young enough to notice that you have another hen or two that looks like her and she will have a look alike buddy.

  6. I’ve loved watching them. I see them multiple times every day. I can do this because the cam is on 24/7. I can’t get over how fast they’ve grown. They were balls of fur just two weeks ago and are looking more and more like chickens every day. It’s been wonderful to watch them.

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    • Another way to support what I do if you don’t do online payments is to order one of my books from your indie bookstore :)

  8. I Love watching ALL of your cams, and your helpful advice, I too would like to buy you a coffee and an address for mailing.

  9. Any ideas on how to introduce my girls to free range ? My yard is not fenced all the way and I’m afraid they will run away I checked the FAQ’s ,I have them eating out of my hands ……should I clip their wings also ???

    • Clipping wings won’t keep them from roaming. Chickens don’t run away. They come home to the coop. But they might wander over to a neighbors and dig dust holes in their garden…

  10. The chicks are cuties. I love watching them and try to guess which ones you will keep. I too would send 4.00 a month and I have paypal. Some reason the “Contact Terry” button doesn’t work. Send me some way to send you the money and would love to help with hencam.

  11. Sorry Terry, you don’t have to send anything. I just noticed the cup of coffee to the right. Thought it was other advertisement. Will be more observant, hopefully, in the future.

  12. Great idea – that cup of coffee – maybe next month it will be warm enough for some iced tea? Super enjoy your website – great images and content. Your site is my guilty pleasure.