Blue Andalusian (Rooster?)

This 25 day old chick has something about her him.

The comb is larger than the other chicks’ combs.


Blue Andalusian chick

These days, when I put my camera into the brooder, I get a lot of these photographs:


This Blue Andalusian is bold, curious and more interested in the shiny lens than in food. I might be wrong. It might be a she. But if it is a he, anyone want a strapping, healthy, handsome young fellow for your flock?


  1. oh my, I know they are very curious and independent bird… but that comb…. yikes? I’m hoping she is a she! They are beautiful chickens.

  2. You never know! Our Henriettta was like that until she was very obviously a she. (but fingers crossed and hoping for the best…)

  3. Andalusians have big combs as adults, hopefully this one is just a fast maturing pullet! I know my Ancona pullets (also have large combs) looked very rooster-like when they were younger. Good luck!

  4. Are his/her legs thicker than the others? Our EE Goldie was the sweetest of the bunch but definitely had a bigger comb and thick legs. Then at about 8 weeks he started crowing and we knew that he was a Goldie-Roo.

  5. I knew that chicken was a roo. He always looks at the hens the way my hubby looks at me in pms. :)

  6. Hmm I figured Opie Jr would be a easter egger in this batch. Opie is two know and has probably by know over 30 hens. So could the people who took Opiw take this one as well?

  7. Oh, no. I have a white Andalusian and she’s a hoot. She does have a HUGE comb on her but I don’t recall when it began to come in. Here’s hoping it’s just a big girl.

  8. Yikes Terry…You are right..the little rooster guys are bold and come right up to you…He has big feet too….I am sure someone will take him. The Andalusian roosters are nice looking.

      • Hehe! All my fault and I take FULL responsibility…do I need to fly out with a cage???????

  9. Yikes! (s)he does have beady eyes doesn’t (s)he ! You might be right that it is a he. I have one chick right now that is a little meanie – pecking other chicks -pushing them out of the way to be first at the food, etc. After I read this post I went in and checked him/her out a little further – yep, comb coming in when none of my other chicks have any sign of a comb growing quite yet. Might be a he! Time will tell.

  10. That is quite a beaky face and those are very big feet….. Does it have less tail than the girls? Boys are generally a bit slower to feather up, and tend to stay bald under the wings for longer. They also shout a lot more when you pick them up!

  11. I had a barred rock chick last year with a large red comb from the beginning. She lays nice eggs. I was not sure for a long time though. She does have a magnificent comb.

  12. I was just wondering if you thought there was a roo in the crowd. I have no idea and no eye for this but that chick does have awfully big feet.

  13. Off top, but I just read about your project at the nursing home. What a wonderful idea! You are an Angel for making it happen! Bless you.

  14. Hilarious! What a bold little critter.
    -Isn’t it possible to have roo’s castrated? I thought “capons” were castrated roosters-?

    • That was done as a way to make use of excess roosters by having them put on weight quickly and then sell at market.

  15. Since I’d brought up “capons”, I’ve looked it up on Wikipedia- holy cow! There’s a link to instructions for using the 1922 Sears & Roebuck home-caponizing kit. There’s no mention of analgesia or even sterilizing instruments…

  16. I’m thinking you have a little cockerel there….that comb!