The Gate Is Open!

The goats have been hemmed in by snow for months. (They claim that it’s been years, but they tend to exaggerate.) They’ve had only a small clearing in their paddock to hang out in and no place to browse. But, today the snow melted enough so that I could fix and turn on the electric fence, and open their gate. They were astonished!

gate open

First the boys had a celebration in the paddock.


Which was tiring. Pip wasn’t sure it was worth the trit-trotting into the pasture, and he was right as there wasn’t much more than some matted down brown grass and dead leaves there, but Caper was eager to see what he might be able to find.

Caper first

Pip saw that Caper found a downed pine branch to eat, and so he deigned to push aside join his brother.

Which was cause for more celebrating.

goat rearing

(Perhaps this is not the most flattering picture.)

When that was done, Pip looked around and decided that he’d rather be back at the barn.

“I told you it wasn’t worth the effort.”

Pip goes back

That pleased Caper, because now he had the scratching post all to himself.

scratching post


  1. So adorable! Thank you for putting a smile on my face! Love the Goat Boys!

  2. I love to see them dancing around like that. They seem to be so happy. Is one bigger than the other or just the camera angle?

  3. What a delightful look into the world of Pip and Caper! A beautiful and snowless day …..of course it was a good time to get rowdy. Go boys.

    • The other hens have been beating up on Buffy’s comb, and so she is recuperating in the small hutch in the yard. She likes her restful place.

          • What does decimate mean? I didn’t think I would enjoy watching your KIDS when I first discovered your site I was only interested in chickens, but now I just love to watch them, I feel like im missing something if I don’t get to see them everyday! HenCam is AWSOME!

            • Decimate is a great word! It means to totally destroy, level, take down. Which is exactly what a goat does to a field of brambles.

              • Thank you Terry, I learn something every day on your site! Awsome teacher!

  4. Terry, we won’t be able to see thru the goat cam when they start scratching on it during shedding season this year. What heavy coats they have!

    • They’ve already started rubbing their coats off on the fence. The underfur is fine and sticky. It’ll be a mess out there soon! But the wild birds love it for their nests.

  5. Just look at those nice thick coats and plump belly’s – the boys look wonderful Terry.