Screen Shot

The HenCam has become a full-time job, and so I’ve added advertisements to earn some income and to try and justify the time and expense that I put into this website. I have no control over what appears, those ads are determined by Google. A reader was browsing my blog pages, and saw the perfect juxtaposition of my flock and an ad. She saved this screen shot for me.

screen shot


Beryl looks worried about that advertisement. Do you think that she’s done something that I don’t know about?


  1. If she’s remotely related to Lil White or my Ginger, then she has plenty to look worried about. Cuz she’s guilty!

  2. I think she thought she had this whole predator thing worked out..and is worried about who might be moving into the neighborhood next!

  3. how did she get this angle? I think I am jealous! The only shot of the gems I get is always straight on….

  4. Hilarious. I really got a great laugh , thanks for all you do. I can’t tell you how much help your FAQ and blog have been to me since this is my first year with chickens. The olive oil and Epsom are great tips!

  5. Holy cow!!! :-D
    Perhaps because the man in the ad has a very egg-shaped face…!