Lauren Scheuer Visits and a Book Giveaway

UPDATE: This contest is closed. Cheryl (with the two border collies) won.

I’ve been friends with Lauren Scheuer since before her book, Once Upon a Flock, was just a gleam in her eye. So, I was more than delighted when Lauren asked me to be on her blog tour to celebrate the book’s publication. There were so many things that we could talk about. Chickens! Writing!

Instead of those on-subject topics, my spot on the blog tour is about my goats. Because Lauren and I are friends. Because her wonderful book will sell itself. Because Lauren decided that my goats need enrichment. Her daughter had been learning about how elephants that lived in zoos were kept busy. Perhaps we could do something similar for the oh so rotund (so, obviously not active enough) goat boys? We scheduled a visit.

We also planned on sitting and chatting over coffee and something sweet. I baked gingerbread. I tried a new recipe. It was awful. The chickens are always delighted at my kitchen failures. So, they were very happy that Lauren was visiting. (There, I got the requisite chicken photo in.)


If you’re familiar with Lauren’s blog, Scratch and Peck, then you’ve played the game, “Find Marky.” Her dog has a way of blending intro the scenery. We played the game here. Find Marky! (And Lily, too!)

find Marky

Lauren told me that elephants are given cardboard boxes filled with hay. Opening the boxes and then eating the hay keeps the elephants occupied.

She filled a goat-sized box with hay.

hay in box

The goats were occupied with watching her.

goats watching

She gave the box to the goats. It took only a few minutes for them to eat all of the hay.

goats with box

Pip was occupied watching Lauren take photos.

picture taking

Clearly, the boys needed something more than a cardboard box to keep them busy. Lauren had something else up her sleeve. It involved using power tools. Lauren loves working with power tools.

Caper does, too.

ladder help

Lauren and I designed a treat dispenser for the goats, which she hung. It’s made from a couple of old dog toys that Lily doesn’t like.

hanging toy

Filled with carrots, the goats like it very much.


But, like the cardboard box, the treats didn’t last long.


Truly, the best part of the enrichment that Lauren brought was herself. The boys didn’t want her to leave. Come back, Lauren!

come again

Lauren and I were tired from enriching the goats’ lives. We had coffee and some good cookies (from a box.)

Lily was tired, too. She’d had an enriching day with Marky.

Marky and Lily

So, now that you know nothing about Lauren’s book, it is time for a giveaway!

stack o books1

Leave a comment below, and I’ll select a winner using a random number generator. The contest closes on Friday, March 22 at 10 pm EDT. United States addresses only, please, as the book is being shipped by the publisher.

A book will be given away at each stop on the blog tour, so go to these URLs for more chances to win:
Tuesday, March 19: Melissa Caughey, Tilly’s Nest
Wednesday, March 20: Terry Golson, HenCam
Thursday, March 21st: Kathy Mormio, The Chicken Chick
Thursday, March 21st: Kylee Baumle, Our Little Acre
Friday, March 22nd: Tammy Barani, Our Neck of the Woods
Monday March 25th: Wendy Thomas, Lessons Learned from the Flock
Tuesday, March 26th: Lisa Steele, Fresh Eggs Daily
Wednesday, March 27th: Amy Stewart, Garden Rant


  1. Not sure I can tell who had more fun the Ladies or the boys,maybe it was the hens with their gingerbread! Great pics as always.

  2. As always you lead us into “relaxing”, enjoyable and fun adventures. Thanks for starting my day with fun and we love to see you two playing together.

  3. Absolutely love this! Pip and Caper are adorable! Good idea using the old dog toys! Enrichment is needed for all animals! Thanks for posting!

  4. Actually this story with pictures should be a book too! Did you get snow yesterday? Wondering about my friend near Jaffrey and Petersborough, NH. Her husband’s 74 and they have to shovel because they have a gravel driveway.

  5. How great to have a friend with so much in common! Good luck on her book release and I can’t wait for my copy of The Farmstead Egg Cookbook I have on pre-order.

  6. Thank you for introducing me to Lauren! I would love the chance to own a copy of her book :)
    Thank you both!

    I had the great pleasure of stumbling upon your blog and cams a few weeks ago. Now my kids and I love checking in on your lovelies almost daily :) We are SO looking forward to having a flock of our own… need to build the coop first.

  7. What a cutie Marky is ! He looks like a Grand-sized Westie !?!? I bet Lily loved showing him around!

  8. This is just too funny. From now on I will use that term whenever I give the hens some cabbage, cats catnip, take the horse on a trail ride, etc. Thanks for the laugh, and the reminder that even if I do not win the book I need to buy one. I love Lauren’s blog.

  9. Wow!! this box trick is might work for my little Chihuahua Bella, she’s a busy one year old that figures out all my tricks! You and Lauren sure have some cool ideas for the boys! Goats and Chickens are my favorites!! both so entertaining!! Thanks for the laughs! I will need to buy this book even if I don’t win one..My daughter grew up with chickens and goats on our farm, so she would like the book too!!
    Thanks for the intro to Lauren and her blog!

  10. Pip & Caper enrich themselves, as they feel necessary ;) Where was Scooter during Markys’ visit ?

  11. Love both your blogs and read them regularly. And would love to win the book!!!!

  12. What an entertaining entry! I am always happy to find like minded individuals who enjoy their animals. Thank you for listing the other blogs as well. I look forward to checking them out!

  13. I LOVED the blog this morning Terry! So funny!…I also could not find Good Dog Lily and Marky in the picture! I have Lauren’s book in my Amazon wish list…..PICK ME!!!!

  14. What fun – I am enriched just reading about your enriching day! And – Yay – I found Marky and Lily!

  15. Ohhhhhh, I SO hope I win Once Upon a FLOCK! And I know the perfect person to share it with!

    please cancel previous comment. I didn’t follow directions:)

  16. Goats are very fun…may neighbor has a pair and I enjoy feeding them treats when I go out to tend to my flock. I’d add goats to my life, but can’t make room or time for more animals. So I have the neighbor’s to play with and no responsibility.

    I’d love to win a book.

  17. You give me a chance daily to be “enriched”! I never know what to expect as I wait for Hencam to come up on my IPad. Always something new and lively going on at the farm. It could be a snowstorm, goats, chickens, the dogs, a fox, ice on the pond, something cooking, books, a walk in the woods or a story of the loss of a beloved animal. It is the circle of life in real time for us. Thanks so much for your effort.

  18. So cute! First time I have visited and I will definitely be back. We have 7 hens, all different breeds, and they are always entertaining and the grandkids love them.

  19. Hmmm I am trying to do some headwork to figure out a good trick AND treat goat game. For parrots, we try to make them work a game for their food. For example, give almonds IN the shell. Wrap a carrot chunk tightly in several layers of newspaper (soy based ink) and tie with a short section of twine. Or, non-food, tie sissel sections in every hole in a whiffle ball. Cockatoos like that one. Actually, more simply, just tie tightly knotted short sections all over the cage bars. But goats? That’s much more of a challenge!

    OT, Candy’s picture looked at me on my March calendar today as I marked “0” eggs for yesterday. First time for no eggs. I had the coop doors open yesterday and I think wind gusting through the egg boxes freaked the ladies out, as I found them huddling against a board most of the day. This morning, bright and early, a dramatic return to 100% production!

    I will check out Lauren’s book. :)

    • The difficulty with goat enrichment is that a) if the treat touches the ground they won’t eat it. So, kong-type toys don’t work. Tossing treats doesn’t work. b) They don’t have front top teeth, so they can’t bite off pieces of things. Hence, hanging carrots doesn’t work. Leafy things do. Let me know if you come up with anything.

  20. I love how chickens always look as though they haven’t eaten in daaaays when you put treats near them. Piggies. Pip and Caper looked very pleased to have a new visitor for the day. Especially when there were snacks involved.

  21. What a special blog today!! Loved the smiles on the goat boys faces.
    Thank you for starting my day in such a happy way.

  22. What fun! I enjoy following both of you, what fun to see you together! I would love to win a copy of the book. I’m new to blogging and chickens and can’t imagine life without either one now. :D

  23. So great! Just received YOUR book (Tillie Lays and Egg) in the mail yesterday! Love it! Love the photographs! Looking forward to reading Lauren’s, too!

  24. Terry,
    This is my favorite blog entry, so far! I went to your friend Lauren’s page, and she has the cutest doctored up picture of Pip and Caper, as pirates! I really want this book! I will say I have gone a little crazy! In 2 weeks I will be picking up 2 goats, being inspired by you! Ha! Their pictures are on the website, Dreamers Farm. BB and Lee are half brothers, one pure Nigerian (Lee), and I did not pay this price!, and 1 half Nigerian, and half Boer (BB). I’ll never tell him, but he was an accident! He will be (and is allready) bigger, but is irresistable! Keep inspiring and making all of us smile! If I don’t win, I will purchase Lauren’s book, but it will have to wait awhile! I am forking over lots of money for goats, fence, and did I say a 3 hr., one way trip to Dreamers Farm?!!!! Love it!

    • You got goats because of me? I’m a goat fairy godmother! I went to the Dreamers Farm page. Your goaties are adorable. Enjoy! Much fun will come your way.

  25. Look at the expressions on the boys’ faces in that last picture. Enrichment personified. Wonderful!

  26. I just found your blog and I am so enjoying it. Your life is like a dream come true. I would love to win the giveaway!

    Smiles, Dottie

  27. Well, I couldn’t wait to own my own copy so I’ve ordered one. I’m on pins and needles waiting for it. On the off chance I do win a copy, I will pay it forward and give it away to a lucky winner on a local chat group I’m on here in Silicon Valley.

  28. What a delightful photo essay. Lauren & Company have certainly brightened my days.

  29. More snow! Oh my gosh those goats are cute. I love when friends come over to hang out with the chickens, and it looks like you had a great day with your friend. We have 6 hens and I’m currently nursing back to health our PBR Pixie who was attacked by a bobcat Friday. She’s been to the doc and looks like she’s going to make it! Antibiotics, shots, changing bandages, tube feeding…it’s been a full time job! But she loves being indoors getting lots of attention! Thanks for your blog, Terry. It’s become my daily cup of coffee relaxation site!

  30. It makes complete sense that the two of you are friends! I love finding my two favorite bloggers in the same place!

  31. Thanks for the chance to win. And all the links to other chicken people.

  32. Your visit, and this post had far reaching benefits: I feel enriched, too!
    Now… do I dash to the bookstore and get my copy, or do I sit here, fingers crossed and hoping I
    am a lucky winner!? Truth be told, I would love to have my own, and give a copy.

  33. So enjoyed seeing Pip and Caper as pirates on her site. Seems kind of fitting. All of this is too much fun and extremely entertaining. Thanks for all you share.

  34. I do follow Scratch and Peck and it is a delightful blog. So funny! Would love to have her book.

  35. LOL! Christine O. said what I was thinking…I grew up watching those goat stereotypes on tv, and I thought they could and would eat anything and everything, favoring clothing and tin cans! I got a lot to learn about goats…

  36. What an interesting blog …..enjoyed it very much. loooks like all the animals enjoyed themselves.
    I would dearly love to win……pick me…pick me!


  37. Two delightful people with many delightful animals! What fun. Congrats to Lauren on the book. Very exciting!

  38. Your boys are very lucky to have such interesting humans to interact with! I love the photos. It seems like goat heaven to me.

  39. A fun day for all! Loved the pics, and would love the book- thank you to all for the chance to win!

  40. Oh what great tips to do with the goats. i am going to have to remember this when we get our goats when we get to the new land. I just found your blog the other day and just love it.

  41. I cannot believe that ANYTHING you baked would not be delicious. To people as well as chickens!

  42. This blog is just like reading a little book. How cute! I would love to have one of Lauren’s books. Please enter me in the giveaway. Who knows ~ Maybe a book about goats next?

  43. I love reading your blog! It is my favorite thing to read every morning, Scratch and Peck is definetly my favorite to read as well. I have been reading her blog for a little over a year now, I love her illustrations, they are so adorable. I would love to win this book! Thank you!

  44. Such a cute post. Looks like you guys and gals are having a great day!

  45. I can’t wait to move to the country. Looking for a place now. My husband doesn’t know it but we’re getting some goats and some more chickens. Love my little girls.

  46. I just picked up 8 new chickens, should be interesting incorporating them in with the two I already have. A little stressful, but such is farm life. I actually painted the toes of my existing chickens so I can tell who is who, since I just got a bunch more speckled sussex girls that are from the same baby flock. So much fun.

    I love your hen cam. Fabulous, and I’d love to read once upon a flock.
    Beauty goat photos by the way.

    • We want pictures of your “painted ladies”. Neon would be cool or glo-in-the-dark. Hope the paint is non-toxic. You could do their beaks too! No, now I’m just being silly •)

  47. I love the idea of filling the dog toy with treats! I think I’ll try it will my hens!

  48. I love your blog and Laurens its fun to see the little things in life and share them with our animal friends! :-)

  49. Can I put my bid in for the book, but if won pass it along to Natalie at Chicken Blog? If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have the fun of peeking in on the girls and boys at your place. Her blog mentioned you and I have been back ever since.

  50. They are too cute. Playful brothers. Maybe they could listen to music & learn to dance.

  51. That was fun! Years ago when we moved into our neighborhood we thought our neighbor was walking her big dogs. But they were goats! Our son grew up to take care of her goats for many years. They have chickens and goats yet. One of the reasons we started having chickens.

  52. This reminds me of all the “project toys” we have made and bought to keep our two suburbian border collies busy and happy. Thankfully, they, like Pip & Caper, also have each other.

  53. I would love this book! I will more than likely pick it up at some point anyways but it is fun to win things. I am a lurker to both blogs and rarely comment but follow along and learn so much about chickens and goats from you both.

  54. Can’t wait to read and smile. Thanks for the chance to win.

  55. The goats are so very amusing. Thank you for all the teaching you do via this blog!

  56. My daughter and I love “Scratch and Peck” (through which we found you!)

  57. Love both of your blogs. Keeping my fingers crossed to win!

  58. I have always loved her blog… She tells her story of wonderful chickens in a beautiful way… And I think the blog is really comical… Please check out her blog you won’t be sorry

  59. What a fun day and such a fun post to read. You know Terry, I am in love with your goat boys! Perhaps Marky needs some goat friends? I’ve visited Scratch and Peck from a link you provided before. I would love to win a copy of Lauren’s book but I will still purchase one! Her artwork is amazing.

  60. Lovely to see my two favourite chicken bloggers together in the one post. Amazon tells me my copy of Lauren’s book is on the way. I can’t wait!

  61. Yay! I enjoy Scratch & Peck. Nice to learn about other web sites I might like.

  62. Please sign me up. The goats are so funny. I do bet they are a fun source of entertainment sandi

  63. I love the whole idea of the blog tour. Such great introductions to web sites I’ll want to get to know much better. Thank you.

  64. A very enjoyable read. You work well together. You should take it on the road, right! you are, ; ) If I should win (when pigs fly), please donate my book to a children’s lending library. I plan on buying one for Appleton Elementary in Grand Junction Colorado. Have fun you two <(• )//

  65. This could be a fun anumal blog tour, can hardly wait for the next one.

  66. I should have put my comment here and not as a reply….sorry.

  67. I love your posts — especially on the goats! Someday (soon) I’ll have some chickens and a goat or two. Thank you for doing the informational posts too!

  68. Please put my name in to win the book. Love learning more from you…didn’t know I could give my hens cake. Isn’t it sweet? BTW, could you suggest a good site or book for caring for rabbits? One has recently appeared on our property and if he becomes a resident (if no one claims him) I need to know more…he doesn’t like to be touched or held..but he is so cute. My son said the Easter bunny came early. Thank you

    • The cake was mostly molasses and flour, so not a typical junky cake. As far as rabbit books- I don’t have a good suggestion. Anyone want to give a recommendation?

  69. This tour is wonderful for all the new chicken-love blogs I’m being introduced to!!!

  70. I adore Lauren’s illustrations. Just looking at her darling drawings makes my heart happy!! I am buying her book and I think the idea of donating to school libraries is terrific! Thanks for a fun read about your sweet goat guys.

  71. Thank you Terry…I’m still learning and you are my most reliable source.

  72. Ooooooo looks like my kind-a fun! Soooo hope to get my hands on Lauren’s book!

  73. Love both blogs! Thank you Lauren and Terry for sharing your families with everyone. Very excited about Lauren’s book!

  74. Loved seeing Marky and Lily having a playdate. I bet those Gems had visions of sugar plums in their dreams. Enjoyed this!

    • I never found the dogs either! I like HenCam cause its easy to get around the site!

  75. I would like a chance to win a book! Im hooked on HenCam! I like to watch the boys to!

  76. I preordered the book from Amazon. It arrived last night. My granddaughter and I will be reading it this weekend. Thanks Lauren!

  77. I am a teaching memoir writing in my class and just built a coop. Can’t wait to read the book.

  78. I am so happy to have found this blog tour / book giveaway! I am so looking forward to receiving a copy. I have been and continue to be more and more obsessed with everything feathery and farmy! I am so looking forward to increasing the size of our coop(s) and runs/paddocks for our original four girls, Pippa, Jilly, Whitney and Alfie, and the new flock arriving soon! :D:D:D

  79. Sounds like you had a fun afternoon. I recently started to follow Lauren’s fb pg. & would love to win a copy of her book.

  80. What a fun ‘enrichment’ day! Sounds like everyone was happy and tired when all was done. The pictures are just too precious!

  81. I would love to be entered for a chance to win the book. It has to be fun, she seems to be such a fun and friendly soul.
    Wish you both would visit Iowa soon!
    Thanks for the contest!

  82. Taking notes and reading up about goats. My children would love to get two pygmy goats. We’ve started with chickens and this book looks adorable and informational.

  83. Love both blogs. I have visited often and have learned a lot. Thank you!

  84. I’d love to spend a day with the goats! I love how curious they are. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  85. Thanks for doing all the give-a ways that you do and maintaining such an entertaining blog! I can’t wait until I’m able to have my own chickens.

  86. Hi Terry,

    I have been following your blog for a while. You have helped me learn A LOT about chickens. I live in coastal NC and have 8 hens. I have had them for a year and enjoy them SO much. A funny thing happened the other day. I teach 1st grade here in Wilmington and am always sharing my chicken life with my class. Knowing my love for my chickens, one little girl brought in a book about chickens for me to read aloud and it was yours “Tilly lays an egg”. It was given to her as a gift and is one of her favorites. Such a small world. We took it as a teachable moment and looked at your cams and website to actually see your chickens.They loved that I read your blog and have learned so much from you. That being said, thank you for ALL you do to reach out to others and educate people, especially our children about your passions for animals and nature.

    Amy Connell

  87. I’ve been reading both of your blogs for over 3 years! I love you both, and live vicariously through the stories of your flocks :) I’d love to win a copy of Lauren’s new book (and if I don’t win, I’ll be buying it!).

  88. Looking forward to reading Lauren’s book. I was wondering have you picked out people yet that you will selling the extra pullets you are raising and if Lauren is one of them ?

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  90. I can’t wait to read your book. My orpington, Lottie makes me so happy, she loves a head massage, and tells me so throughout! I wish more people knew that chickens purr when they are happy, that lovely vibration they have is comforting. I will be taking a photo of me and the hens reading your book <3

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