Keeping the Boys Happy

The goats’ paddock is mucky and slushy and hemmed in by piles of snow. They have nowhere to go and nothing to browse. Life is boring. I knew something that would help keep them busy. I went out to the woods behind their summer pasture where there are white pine saplings.


I’m planning on extending their fence out there this spring, so this is a good time to use up the only green forage in sight.


The goats are bored, but obviously not underfed!

Caper eating

While the boys were enjoying their pine needles, I visited the girls. Agatha came right up and got her face into the camera. Of course.


I spent only five minutes in with the hens. When I came back to the goats’ stall, they wanted to know what I was going to bring them next.


They’d already finished their pine trees.


The boys showed off a bit.


And then Caper let me know exactly what he thought about this winter.

Caper face


  1. Very sweet. Love the boys! My sister is ready to get hens! Well… almost. Need to do some research for the area and have her husband build a coop and run. I am all in to help!
    Ethered, I think, is quite bothered by something in the coop. Wonder what’s going on with her.

  2. Love all the pics of your goat boys and Agatha too. It won`t be long now until they will be kicking up their feet with joy that Spring has arrived and all that snow will be just a distant memory. We have had no snow in Jan or Feb this year…so there is talk about climate change of course. The seasons lengths changing must affect the behaviours of our animals?

  3. My girls are getting a bit stir crazy too. I let them put to play but there isnt much to do in the muck, ive been giving them lots of greens, but its getting quite expensive. Oh well, they love their kale.

  4. You told us that Caper was the smart one! Great pictures. I watched the gems go to roost last night. Looked like a really good sleep over. What fun.

  5. Your goaties are so cute! They look like they are full of mischief. Do you remember Mr. Ed the talking horse? Your boys would make a hilarious comedy show about 2 talking goats.

  6. Love the boys! Little scamps full of fun. I was wondering what the swinging red object is in their stall? Something for play? Another dreary day in TN. With a few snowflakes. I did pick some daffodils from the yard and brought them inside for some sunshine.

  7. Ha! Love those goats! I just spent a minute trying to figure out what kind of weird tattoo you had on the back of your hand. Duh.

  8. Cute, as always! My girls are also sort of bored, but whenever the snow melts a little they immediately climb up on their picnic table and tree stumps and butt heads. They also love pine needles, especially white pine or the blue spruce when it has young needles on it.

  9. Gotta love that Agatha! Maybe she sees her reflection in the camera lens and wonders who the chicken in the little black box is.

  10. They’re sweet goats. I enjoy the great photos of them, as always. They are quite photogenic.

  11. Goats and chickens: I can’t live without them :-) Your goats and chickens are so lovely! I have a goat, she’s now 16 years old, I feated her when she was a baby goat because her mother could not feet her by herself. My goat, Meggy, is my great friend:-) I keep chickens more than 25 years, great animals!

  12. Too funny! I am starting to feel like the boys, I got their spring fever! Broke my back in two places in the Army and I couldn’t have children, so thank you for sharing cause it makes me happy every day! I look forward to watching you and your animals! P.S. I got my 4 baby chicks yesterday! Thank you Terry!

      • I love my chicks already, I have 2 redheads, a blond and a brunet! No names yet and they seem to all get along, im one proud chicken mom! Its so cool to watch on cam cause you really get a birds eye view. It made me more confident to go forward.

  13. I do love the pics of the boys! They have human-like expressions built in, it seems. Last week I saw one of the guys apparently sleeping against the back wall opposite the camera. It looked like he was snoring – rhythmically the lower jaw fell open as he exhaled – do they snore?

  14. Terry, I just love the goat boys. Anytime I come across a boutique type place I find myself looking for a sign that says BOYS. Have you seen the video with a goat named Buttermilk Sky? So funny and cute! Thank you for sharing the photos and the TWITTER updates about activity that is going on at Little Pond Farm!

    • Just watched that little goat on YouTube… Wow! :-D I knew Tiggers were made out of rubber – but it seems as though goats are too! She’s one bouncy goat!

  15. Cute! Have you ever thought about building the boys a little play/climbing structure? Wire spools or pallets, etc? Give them something to burn off some steam :) Have you thought of getting a girl, think of the milk, although I read Pygmy’s are hard to milk….

    • At the Underwood Ranch in Moorpark, CA there is a very elaborate structure for the goats to climb- it mush be at least 8 feet at the highest points! There is one picture on their website, but it doesn’t do the structure justice. Have you seen video of goats climbing trees? :-D

      • The goats have boulders in the pasture. They have stumps, a bench, and a big rock in the paddock. Caper has a bone chip in his knee, and so I have to be careful about not challenging him too much. My boys aren’t as agile as those African goats in the tree :)

  16. Yay! Green stuff! ‘Tis good for the soul! Now then, I have to ask…your lot is not muddy in the goat pen. What do you have down to keep it looking so nice? The Goatmother has been using wood shavings, but while they keep the mud at bay, they do still get soggy.

    • Dearest Marigold, I understand that it is quite damp in your neck of the woods, too, but I think that our soils are different. Underneath the mud, the soil is mostly gravel and granite. Glacial till! The drainage is quite good. But, the ground is frozen and the snow is melting, so I put down an entire bag of pine shavings in the worst of the muck.

  17. Agatha always has to know what’s going on. Too funny. ;)
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos.

  18. Those goatie boys are just too cute!! Actually, I think they and the hens think they are people too. Such special pets!!

  19. I feel the same way about winter that Caper does! And what about that dumb rodent in Pennsylvania, was he wrong! I do love your boys.