I Love Boock’s

I did four Skype visits on World Read Aloud Day. Thanks to technology, children from California to Maine visited my hens and goats. Today I received a packet of thank-you notes.

Here I am, dressed in pink, with lovely long hair. Tillie has her own fancy top knot. What a wonderful image! But, even better than the drawing is the sentiment that the first grade artist, Grace, wrote: I Love Boock’s.

I love books, too, Grace.



  1. Grace, I love your chicken picture! Books are great too. No batteries or electricity necessary!

  2. Books, chickens, goats, and gardening!!!! Awwww, some of my favorite things! Great picture, Grace!
    Terry, how tall is your fencing around the goat paddock?

  3. Being a librarian…I love boocks also!!! Just so wonderful!!! You have touched the hearts of many and have educated so many!

  4. I love the chicken shaped heart around the inscription. Calder and Matisse should be proud of Grace, too.

  5. I love this picture! It’s just beautiful, Grace.
    My favorite part is Tillie’s comb.

  6. Thanks, Terry, for making a difference in the lives of children.

  7. I love boocks — but maybe Grace meant ‘buks’ as in the sound chickens make: ‘buk buk buk’?