Good Morning

Last night it rained the the next town over, but it snowed here, and so when my son walked to the school bus stop at 6:45 this morning, the road looked like this.

bus walk

Each branch, each leaf, was defined by a coating of snow.


These early morning moments of beauty are not uncommon here in the winter. But somehow the transformation to a clean, new snowscape never fails to make me stop in my tracks.

My backyard, a view that I take for granted, comes sharply into focus.


At first glance the colors seem to be reduced to black and white, but there are warm colors in the trunks of the trees, brown curlings of leaves, and pink in the sky. Still, one reason to paint a barn door red is to have this pop of color on a snowy day.


What’s colorful in your world this morning?


  1. Beautiful pictures terry. I too was struck by how pretty it was this morning. Everything freshly frosted always takes my breath away too. I know we are near ing the end of winter here in new england and I am looking forward to my spring garden plans, but the beauty of winter is something I look forward to each year. Have a great day!

  2. My world looked like that yesterday, minus the barns. Even though I have had my fill of winter, I have to admit it was a beautiful winter postcard day!

  3. The “blue hour” is my favorite time of day in the snowy winter months! It’s magical!

  4. OMG how beautiful! It’s unseasonably warm here, nothing much colorful except the browns of dormant fields. I love when a winter’s storm goes past the point of inconvenience to breathtaking beauty!

  5. My world is colored lavernder this AM by the one little species crocus that has her head lifted high in defiance of the cold drab atmosphere around her. “Spring is coming”, she calls. I can hardly wait! But I would relish the idea of a beautiful snowfall like you have. Some of our deepest snows have come in March. Who knows? Maybe God will open the store houses of heaven and shower us with the cold, delightful, frozen treat that outlines the landscapes and causes all to look with great wonder and awe.

  6. This morning it was a Jacaranda Tree literally filled with screaming shrieking Rainbow Lorikeets. Which is almost always a treat. Unless, as it was this morning, 5:37 a.m., and you could do with another couple of hours of sleep. As you may have guessed I’m in another hemisphere. ;) Otherwise, I too, would be enjoying soft winter quiet early in the morning.

      • Kristine: what a beautiful sight that must be (even if it’s a bit noisy)…there’s a farm with lorikeets close to Tucson, Arizona where you can go right in with them to feed them! I’m sure there are other places like that but they are such colorful friendly little birds…I highly recommend it to everyone.

      • No worries. ;) Although I love it here, I do miss the blue deep quiet of snow covered mornings. Thank you in turn for a snapshot of a blue morning.

  7. Peach tree is blooming rosy-red, yellow lemons and roses, red-throated hummingbirds breakfasting on the purple Mexican sage, CA native ceanothus all covered in blue, and an orange cat. My neighbor’s house is barn-red and you can see it from miles away! It has been unusually dry this winter in the Bay Area so the plants think it is spring. We have to drive to the other side of the state to get a snowy morning like yours.

  8. A drab morning here in the mountains of East Tennessee. However Spring is making herself known with daffodils, vinca and early wildflowers. Looks like we may have a chance for some snow this week. Some white still on the high peaks. Thanks Terry for sharing your winter wonderland.

    • Our first flowers will be snowdrops -aptly named and will bloom near melting piles of snow. Not colorful, but always nice to see in the springtime.

  9. The window box filled with assorted colours of Primroses, all freshly coated with raindrops, and Bird seed scattered by a variety of wild birds clinging desperately to the feeder as the wind blows them wildly to and fro. The Purple Finch are particularly beautiful(males), with their different tones of Red on their breasts and who can resist their bird-song?

      • Lucky you to have Bluebirds in your neck of the woods! We have had no snow to speak of so far this winter so it is nice of you to share some of yours. I must admit though I am thankful that Spring is well on it`s way here and spending time outdoors with the Chickens is pretty darn sweet these days!

  10. Hi Terry…..I’m Pam. I am in Rock Hill, South Carolina and I ran across your website when I was at work (the York County Natural Gas Authority) one afternoon, about 6 months ago, and made it one of my favorites! I love to check in and watch the chickens and goats…..It makes my day. I am a country gal at heart….I live in the county of York with my twin daughters (21 yrs of age, 3rd year of college!) and this year plan on having a huge garden! I have just over an acre of land with a doublewide on it…..a shed for my wood carvings….and a huge campfire site that I love to sit around on the chilly weekends.
    The pictures today of the snow and the road and your backyard are breathtaking! and I appreciate you sharing it with the web cam and your site fans!
    Thanks again! Pam :)

  11. I am glad we didnt get snow or rain today! It was a perfect day here to clean the hen house and let the girls free range in the yard today. Sad new I didn have to give my Rooster Francis the second away, he was a big Mottled Houdan, He tried to attack me twice in 2 days with out crowing as a warning, I was nt happy so now he has 20 acres to patrol on a farm, but he will live on here Hopefully, my silkie decided to go broody, so I put 4 of the eggs I collected today under her, one from a Buff Orp, a Speckled sussex, a Mottled Houdan and a White crested Blue Polish. I hope that a couple if not all of them hatch if i new the silkie was going to go broody I would have saved one of her eggs to hatch also… te funniest thing is happening right now as i type my neighbors kids are in thier yard and one of my speckled sussex is begging them for food, last year with my permission they would throw vegtable scraps over the fence and the bird would gobble them down, obviousley she remembers this.

  12. What beauty you share with us, quite breath taking! We have had a dusting of snow in England but nothing to compare with your snow, not that we want it here as in this country it brings the roads to a standstill! I can enjoy your snow far more than our own.

  13. I love your barn-red door. Are you thinking of painting the big barn door the same color?

  14. It has snowed here every weekend for the past 6 weeks. Big amounts of snow. I was oh so grumbling after all the continuous shoveling I’ve been doing. After reading your words, I took a second look, and it is beautiful. The clean white snow on the trees with the sunny bright blue sky in the background is very beautiful.

  15. Thank you for sharing your beautiful snow pictures! There is no snow at our location in Maryland. They are calling for sleet in our area tomorrow. Three more weeks until first day of spring!! ;)
    I enjoy watching your chickens & the little goats.

  16. it was just that kind of a day – it started out beautiful by you and this evening, coming home from the vet with a just-doctored kitty the whole drab day we had had changed completely with the reddest sunset i’ve seen for months.
    just like your barn door!
    we live in wisconsin, and see a lot of nature’s displays, and this was one of the best.

  17. How beautiful!! Squirrel and mailman’s footprints in left over snow but we’re expecting 3 to 6 inches of new snow today. Makes everything look so clean!!