February Egg Bounty

The molt is over. Daylight lengthens. The young chickens lay.

Seven eggs from twelve hens today!


My thoughts turn to baking. Or custards. Or egg salad. How to celebrate this abundance? What would you like to see me cook?


  1. Fritatta is my favorite OMG We have too many eggs! go to recipe. The possibilities of what you add are endless. AND, what you don’t finish when you first make it, is just as tasty the next day, hot or cold.

  2. Flourless chocolate cake! Has Betsy laid an egg yet? I’ve seen Siouxsie in the box a couple of times.

  3. Being from Memphis, TN – I think you should make Elvis Presley’s Pound Cake. It takes exactly 7 eggs and it is quite yummy and extremely rich :)

  4. Good ole sunny side up eggs for me! Although frittata sounds pretty good – I must try that with the potatoes and cheese. I am getting 1-2 eggs per day from my 4 hens. Such a relief to not to have to use those anemic looking eggs from the grocery store!

  5. Oh, oh, I would like custard pie from Mrs. Pie Lady please or bread pudding with raisins. Though, I would like to know how to make a frittata and flourless chocolate cake sounds like something that I should know how to make.

  6. I have 3 dozen eggs in my fridge right now so I too am looking for ideas. Frittata sounds good. I have pre ordered your egg cookbook, I could use it now. The dogs have been eating a lot of eggs too lol.

      • It looks as if the book isn’t coming out this spring :( The book is written, designed and ready to go, but the publisher was sold to another company, and they can’t fit it into their schedule so quickly. I’m very disappointed!

        • I am disappointed too! I won’t be getting any eggs until fall or later, but I wanted to be ready!

        • I’m sure the book will be well worth the wait! I found your original hard back book with dust cover on a shelf at Goodwill. I love to cook and was so excited when I discovered your book just sitting there – waiting for me in perfect condition!

  7. Is that an egg by the ramp outside the little barn? I love eggs anyway you fix them!

      • Thought it was Siouxsie’s. I did worry about the temp. Glad you rescued a good egg!

        • I didn’t rescue it! By the time I got it, someone had broken the end off and eaten every bit from the inside. It didn’t look like chicken damage – they tend not to be so tidy. Perhaps it was laid late yesterday and a weasel got it?

          • That Siouxsie! There are reasons for the nesting boxes! Someone else enjoyed that egg. Too bad.

            • I also dont like the idea of weasels getting in even when the girls are safe! Sounds like you have the best yard in the area.

  8. Anything wheat free would be fantastic! I’ve been experimenting with non-gmo corn fritters. For custards, I wonder if almond milk can substitute for the dairy?

  9. I LOVE rice custard..My grandma used to make it for me! The eggs are beautiful!!!!!

  10. Egg pasta. I made some last night and had it with chili and cheese.

  11. Inside the goats’ crib is an orange feeder of sorts. Is it new? I hadn’t noticed it before. We bought what was called a pig feeder from TSC that is about that size, in aluminum sheeting. I had my husband beef up the sharp edges with wood trim so the hens would not cut themselves, and put a divider in the bin, so half is for grit, half for oyster shell. Now, after all that work, I am thinking that yours would have easily fit the bill!

    • Your feeder sounds like a clever solution for feeding grit and oyster shells. The feeder in the goat pen is for goat minerals. It’s sold as a goat mineral feeder, but my boys figured out how to get it off the wall within minutes of proper installation. So, Steve had to do add a block of wood, etc.

      • Thank you. I think that goat feeder would have worked for us. I just wanted my husband to cut a piece of wood that would divide the bin (the storage part) so I could easily see which to add. BTW he also had to add a lid to that pig hopper. I wanted to mount the hopper on the wall somewhere to reduce clutter in the coop or yard, due to how the chickens just suddenly speed from here to there without looking at what dangerous obstacles might be in their way!

        Not sure you noticed, but I think it was 3 days ago, you still had tons of snow but had shoveled a play area for the goats. They were doing some serious head butting play out there!

  12. Spanish potato tortilla:

    3 lb potatoes, peeled & sliced thin, 2 onions peeled & sliced into thin rings, 4-6 T olive oil, 7-10 eggs beaten with salt & pepper. Just heat 1/2 of the oil & cook the potatoes & onions over low heat until potatoes are tender (20 min.?). Remove the potato & onion tortilla to a clean plate, wipe the pan, then add the rest of the oil, return the potato & onion to the pan, pour in the beaten eggs, salt & pepper, lift the edges of the tortilla so the egg will run under it, and cook, shaking the pan to avoid sticking. Cook until the eggs are no longer runny on top, then put the plate on top of the pan and invert it so the tortilla falls out, slide the tortilla back into the pan and cook it a few minutes more until the underside is golden brown. let it sit for a bit till room temperature, then slice & serve. Garnish with fresh parsley or tomato wedges. You’ll get the hang of it once you’ve made one or two. So yummy!!

  13. We make lots of quiche with out eggs. Last weekend was mushroom, swiss chard, itailan sausage and gouda. And it was gooda!

  14. Please let us know how you used them. Custard sounds so good and decadent. I had to look up a recipe for citrus custard. WOW!

  15. We love spinach mushroom quiche. We also miss Candy.And have you had a chance to look into self publishing? I’ve heard about it but din’t know whats involved…

  16. My five hens have started laying two doz/week. I made Mary Todd Lincoln cake with six of them.

  17. Lemon curd. I have been hoarding eggs for several weeks for this. Not to make you weep, but my 40+ year old lemon tree is covered with fruit at this moment (70 degrees outside.)