In Good Hands

As much as holding the dinosaur chicken was a thrill, seeing others with poultry in arms was also fun. The most inspiring place to see chickens being handled was at the showmanship competitions for the youth.



teens and hens

These children don’t just show their birds; they dote on them.

This girl’s rooster loves to be cradled in her arms and have his belly rubbed.

pet rooster

I think that the “fancy” (as the world of bird shows is called) is in good hands!



  1. Have fun, Terry..wish I was there! I wonder if my big roo would let me rub his belly? HHHMMMMM????????

  2. The photos are just priceless! They are even dressed up, dark slacks, white shirt. Wish I had been able to do that at their age! There is another Poultry Fancy show here in March. I think I’ll give them a call or email to see if they have a showmanship event and if I would be able to watch!

  3. The girl with the relaxed roo must be a “rooster whisperer.”

  4. Oh, Terry, these are precious pictures of the children interacting with their fowl friends! I did not know the birds could be handled in such a calm manner and have underestimated the bond and trust that has been developed between the children and their feathered charges. ~ ~ Hoping you can show us more show photos ~ ~

    • Many of the photos in my Vintage Chicken Photographs book are of children and their pet chickens. Such relationships go way back!