Fun & Lovely Chicken Things

I spent Monday at the humongous (no exaggeration, it takes up the Javitz Center and two Piers) NY Gift Fair. This is THE place to go if you are a creator/purveyor of …. stuff! Things for the home, gifts for your friends, artist-designed stationary, clever items for the office, luxury for the bedroom. It’s all there, and more. Buyers from retailers big and small come from all over the world to find stock for their shops at this event. My book, Vintage Chicken Postcards, was there, at the Ellie & Friends booth. (Ellie is a rep, who sells to delightful indie shops.)

Of course, while looking about, I kept an eye out for chickens. There was this teapot.


Take off the top (and use it as a cup) and underneath that is another cup. Under that is a tea strainer.

top off

A Danish company was selling Scandinavian design home accessories. Which I love. Especially the egg cups. Just looking at them made me happy

pear cups

I met a woman who designs and sells temporary tattoos. Did you know that you can put them on eggs? She has this chicken tattoo that I might have to wear at my next Chicken Keeping Workshop.

But, you don’t have to go to the NY Gift Fair to find beautiful chicken-themed items for your home. You could go to a poultry show. This platter was at the Northeast Poultry Congress at the My Chickens and Me table.


So much creativity and talent all around! What have you seen lately that inspires and makes you smile?


  1. I really love the cute..Terry! You MUST wear the tatoo and take a picture and show us!

  2. Such lovely things! Thanks so much for taking the time on your exciting outing to photograph chicken things for all of us! I recently went to the Poultry Show in Scotland and was very surprised and disappointed that there were NO trade tables or crafty chicken parephernalia for sale. You lucky thing!

  3. My niece has the cutest navy iphone case that is covered with hens. It was a gift from a friend. Don’t know where it came from. Too cute.

  4. I really like the platter – so whimsical! I can’t help but smile when I look at it!
    It looks as if there was more pottery on that table with the same chicken theme … if I’d been there, I wouldn’t have been able to resist buying a set of plates if they had them available.

    • Great mugs! My favourite is the “Is that my mobile?” mug that your friend gave you. But I like the “Ladies who Lunch” mug too. “Free Range & Organic – the perfect ladies lunch!” is cute too. And “Breakfast meeting” … I can’t decide.

    • I got the softest pima cotton pjs. An indulgence! I got some ideas for what I might carry in my store, but didn’t place an order… yet.

  5. Terry, I LOVE the Vintage Chicken Postcards I ordered from you! I am so glad I ordered an extra to share! I had no idea people were as nostalgic as I am where I work. I’m sure I’ll have to order extra! I’m looking forward to see what else appears at The Hencam Store! The postcards were just amazing. The quality of the photographs/postcards and paper are excellent.

    • I am so happy that you’re happy. I’ve been showing the book around, and everyone smiles when they see it, and everyone is reminded of their own story.