A Tribute To Candy

Karen Robinson was one of Candy’s many fans, and like all of us was saddened to hear of the great bunny’s passing. But, since Karen is also an artist who specializes in animal portraiture and wildlife paintings, she was inspired to do more than send me a sweet note (which would have been enough!) Karen was moved to paint a tribute to Candy. I received this in the mail today. It came all the way from Karen’s home near Devon, in the UK.


She painted it from the photo that I took of Candy and Pip conversing.

Karen’s website has a gallery of her work. Take a look at these. What great dogs! She keeps a blog where she writes about her commissions and her artistic process; I always enjoy a peek into the working life of an artist.

Thank you, Karen.


  1. What a lovely surprise & it’s so cute!! This is truly a treasure and so very nice of Karen Robinson. She is very talented. Bless you and your sweet little Candy.

  2. Sometimes thoughtfulness is perfect, and Karen’s portrait of the inimitable Candy is superb. Now, Terry, Candy can eternally watch over and converse with you inside your home!

  3. Isnt that great?! What a nice thing to do and lovely for you to keep as another memory of Her Royal Candiness.

  4. Oh my gosh, what a sweet thing to do, and even better, what a lovely painting. It brought tears to my eyes — the painting itself and the kind thought behind it. And indeed, the Great Bunny Herself will now be able to take her rightful place in some special spot on your office wall. sigh. bunnies and goats forever!

  5. Oh it is so beautiful, both in spirit and in artwork! She captured so perfectly those precious moments of their visits! What a generous sharing of her talent, too. I still hate seeing that hutch closed up when I log on to hencam. I know that you and your family, Terry, miss Candy much more than I ever could, but still, I feel a tinge of sadness for missing Candy. This painting truly is a bit more comfort to the soul.

  6. What a wonderful way to remember a very cute bunny! i miss not seeing her when I log on in the am. And, what a lovely gift from a very talented person! I know you will treasure the painting!

  7. Karen is truly a beautiful artist and friend. Imagine painting a treasure like this so quickly! I love her website….and will continue to drool over her work.

  8. That is a great painting, I except Candy to just hop away at any minute. She is a wonderful artist. I wonder if she has ever done Papillons.

  9. What a lovely painting. Karen is a talented artist. I too miss Candy so much. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting her, I looked at her everyday and if I didn’t see her right away, I’d wait until I got a glimpse of her. I’m sure I’ll be looking at this again in the future.

  10. Karen captured the expressions so well -what a beautiful way to remember a friend!

  11. There are truly good people in the world. Random acts of kindness always touch my heart. What a sweet tribute.

  12. What a lovely tribute and thoughtful gift! I believe she truly captured Candy’s regal bearing.